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Wine Glass Holder Pattern


I am looking for a simple pattern to make a "neck" wine glass holder to hold a standard wine glass at wine tasting functions.

Mike from Whitby, Ont.



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By Lily 11 141 03/15/2007 Flag

I saw them used on either Martha Stewart or The Today Show. You could check both of their websites and type it in the search box.

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By Diana (Guest Post) 03/16/2007 Flag

If you are talking about identifying your glass with a charm or something that hangs on the stem of a wine glass
you can check out for printable wine glass holders

I make mine from wire, charms and beads

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By Donna (Guest Post) 09/24/2007 Flag

Did you find a pattern yet? I am also looking for a pattern. I bought one at the wineries made of leather, but I would like to make some for gifts out of another material. If you find a pattern, I would be interested.

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By Peter Young (Guest Post) 02/18/2008 Flag

Check out the "EXTRA HAND" wine clip at
They've sold over a million of them so they must work.

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By Carol (Guest Post) 05/24/2008 Flag

Do you evre get a pattern for these. If so I really would love to have it. I have never heard about them and would love to make these for Christmas gifts for the family.


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By Kathy (Guest Post) 07/29/2008 Flag

Found a free pattern at woodcraft.

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By Mark (Guest Post) 09/07/2008 Flag

Hey Mike,

This is what your looking for. We supply these for use at food and wine festivals.

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By Toni W. 1 07/13/2014 Flag

I found this basic pattern:

& then made one using some of that cheap "no-slip" roll you can get from hardware & bargain shops, a couple of staples & some leftover yard & beads. Great thing is, it doesn't *just* fit wine glasses - here it is with vodka & orange! The yarn is a bit short (but it was all I had in the house). Think I'll buy a lanyard tomorrow.

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