Cat Pee or Spray on Suede


My cats got to my suede leather jacket and a pair of my leather boots and one of them "sprayed" on them. Can someone give me a tip on how to clean them?

HB from NY



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By KJ (Guest Post) 02/24/2005

A few things you can try.:

1. White vinegar. But try it on a section of the boot that won't show much to ensure it doesn't damage the suede. White vinegar takes out ALOT of feline urine odor on most anything (carpet, clothing, etc.)

2. There is another product in pet stores that you can get that "eliminates" the enzyme that causes the odor/stain. Check with your local pet store for the name (I can't remember).

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By rob (Guest Post) 11/11/2005

Nature's Miracle is the enzyme stuff, available at PetSmart. Works wonders on carpet/upholstery. Suede may be permanently spotted by liquid already though.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 02/24/2005

My cat peed on my new suede boots and I have no idea how to remove the stain/odor. Help!

Mandy Moo

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By H (Guest Post) 01/10/2006

Thank you, I'll try both!

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By Robin (Guest Post) 01/10/2006

I used to work for a dry cleaning company and the rule of thumb is that you need to dispose of anything that a cat has urinated on. Cat pee is one thing that you will never be able to do away with completely. The smell will always be there, no matter how it is cleaned or how many times you try. The commercial stuff bought from pet stores and such to try to get pet stains and smells out simply do not work on cat urine. I would advise tnat you not waste your money on any of them. Sorry for the bad news!

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By Carrie 2 351 01/10/2006

Actually, you may also need a suede cleaner. How do you clean those costly boots? With UGG Cleaner& Conditioner.

A couple of ideas from UGG: Moisten entire surface with clean, cold water. Apply dilulted cleaner with a sponge, rubbing gently all over. Don't rub delicate suede harshly.

Rinse with clean, cold water. Stuff gently with paper to hold shape. Dry slowly, not with heat or sunlight.

When dry, brush with a suede brush in only one direction.

Treat with UGG Water & Stain Repellent.


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By MaTwang (Guest Post) 02/03/2006

Get the original Nature's Miracle in the red and white bottle. Spray well, then let it dry completely. The smell will not be removed until the item dries.

Repeat until the odor is gone.

Now whether your suede can handle water, that's another issue, but Nature's Miracle really does work when it comes to neutralizing urine odors because it breaks down the bacteria with enzymes.

Good luck!

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By New cat owner (Guest Post) 02/26/2006

My cat went pee on my new suede couches.. what do I do to the cushion she wet?

I just got her 2 days ago!!

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By jon (Guest Post) 05/13/2006

i accidentally let my air jordan xiv get wet (it was suede ) and niw it looks like leather and i want to return it to its natural beauty but i think i can only
do that by putting actual suede back on it does any 1 know where i can find a can or something thanks
Editor's note: Probably the nap on the suede is pushed down. Get a suede brush. They are little brushes with metal bristles and brush it with that. If you just got it wet, this should bring the nap back up.

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By Katie (Guest Post) 12/06/2007

My cat has peed in the corner of the seat of my suede chair, it is a very expensive piece of furniture and I don't want to throw it away. Can anyone help?

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By karen (Guest Post) 09/19/2008

So we used this stuff called Natures Miracle Stain and Odor Remover to get the pee stain out of the suede couch. It worked great and there is no smell or stain. We sprayed it, let it sit for 5 minutes, took a kitchen sponge and rubbed and blotted it, then took paper towels and soaked it up the best we could, then took a hair dryer to it and it was a good as new. You may want to repeat this process to ensure success.

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By Jane (Guest Post) 12/13/2008

So I have a pair of black leather boots, my favourite, and my cat peed on them. I washed them with a leather soap, smell stayed. I completely saturated them with Nature's Miracle, allowed to dry, smell stayed. So I figured given that they were obviously going to be a lost cause anyways, I threw them in my front loading washing machine, warm water wash, with laundry detergent, even threw in some towels with it. Voila the smell was gone. My boots had shrunk but after wearing them a couple of times now they have stretched out to the point the no longer cut off circulation to my feet. Good luck!

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