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Try Tobacco String Instead of Crochet Thread

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When crocheting things like a bed spread, you can buy tobacco string and use it like crochet thread. It comes on a cone and a lot cheaper then the crochet thread. You can buy it at the stores that sell seeds and feed for cattle. The thread is cotton.

By Doris from Randleman, NC


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By DHFabian09/18/2009

Roughly what does the tobacco string cost (at least, in a standard feed/farm store), and roughly how big is the cone? I enjoy working with different materials, and I think I'd like to try this out, if it's affordable enough.

By eve [16]09/17/2009

I am going to look for this. This is the first time I have heard of this. I love thread. : )

By Melody Bressler-Hay [19]09/17/2009

Why is it called tobacco string and what is/was its intended purpose? Just curious since I have never heard of it before now.


By Teresa Tart [1]09/17/2009

You are so right. My grandmother used to use tobacco string a lot. The item holds up better also.

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