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Quick Barbeque Sauce With Ketchup and Cola

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For a quick BBQ sauce mix one cup of ketchup with one cup of a cola soda drink. Mix over medium heat till thickened. Can double and triple this recipe. I usually put chicken breasts in the crock pot and let them cook till done, then drain the liquid off and pour the sauce in to coat the chicken just before serving. Can also grill or bake in the oven with this.

By Melanie


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Thank you very much. I could not remember the measurements. My sister in law gave me this a long time ago. She is dead now.

By Jayne Nagy05/28/2005

I used a recipe very similar to this just a few days ago to make pulled chicken sandwiches. It was AWESOME. BTW I'm diabetic so I used diet Coke and it worked fabulousy. I started it all in the crockpot but ran short on time so finished by boiling in the sauce. I then removed the chicken to cool and strained the sauce, putting it back in the pan and cooking to reduce. This is a definite keeper recipe.

By Shala (Guest Post)01/12/2005

this recipe does wonders for hot bbq sandwiches, because of the sweetness from the cola. I always add a touch of tabasco.

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