Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

My house and car are filled with these tiny flying insects that bite. They are barely perceptible to the naked eye and only when standing next to a light and there is a dark background. They appear colorless. I have treated everything using essential oils and now am spraying with RAID every single day.


They are worse at night and late afternoon. Professionally cleaning carpets was no help. Washing all my bedding and clothing is a daily requirement just to be able to be in the same house with them. They do not appear to bother most people. Please help.

Nuit from Boynton Beach, FL

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f you can't sleep, read this immediately!

I to have some type of whitish mite driving me nuts too! I don't know how to kill them yet but I do know how to get through the days in comfort.

1. Go buy Dupont Brand Tybex booted suits at a safety supply store. Make sure the boots are built in. At Grainger Industrial supply, you can buy 25 suits for about $150 dollars model number "3wxc3". Put rubber bands around the wrists and your neck to keep the bugs off your body and to prevent them from biting your skin.

2. Buy Grandpas Thylox acne treatment soap with sulphur and University Medical Therapeutic Sulfur Mask. Take a normal shower and wash with a sulfur bar, dry off with a clean towel that has been washed in hot water with soap and dried on hot heat.

The trick is to get into the suit without getting any bugs in the suit with you. Put the rubber bands on your wrists and around your neck to keep the bugs out and off your skin. If your house is really thick with these type of bugs you will feel them crawling on the outside of the suit, but at least they cant bite your skin and lay more eggs in your body hair.

3. Take some Benadryl to help you sleep.

4. Listen to a relaxation tape from the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program from the Midwest Center 2 to 3 times and you should be able to fall asleep.

I feel everyone's pain that they are going through and I care about every single one of you suffering with this new unidentified problem. Some tips, get in the suit naked and stay in the suit, your skin rash should start healing up pretty fast. You might want to shave your body hair as I have noticed small while eggs in my body hair. Take a shower once a day. Put on a new suit each day or wash air dry and freeze before you put it on after the shower. Stay out of normal cloths for as longs as possible you will notice you will start to get bit once you put normal cloths on.

Make sure you buy a large enough suit so that you will be comfortable to move around when you sleep, if you tear the suit cover the hole with duct tape. If you go to the doctor and they think you are crazy keep talking to doctors until you find one who believes you. Your gut feeling is never wrong and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! My life has been turned upside down for about the last month with this insane problem. Remember you are not alone and there are people all over the world who are suffering with this! Hang in there and I will figure out what these things are and how to kill them, I will post more later.

Wayne waprice23 AT hotmail.com

Mechanical Engineer

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You need to browse this site. Lots of useful info.


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Are you still having this issue? I also live in Boynton Beach. I am getting eaten alive and nothing is working! Under a microscope they look like some kind of gnat making a nest in my hair! I can see the insect, eggs and small fibers but no doctors have been able to identify it! need help!

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My house and car are filled with these tiny flying insects that bite. They are barely perceptible to the

naked eye and only when standing next to a light and there is a dark background. They appear colorless. I

have treated everything using essential oils and now am spraying with Raid every single day.

They are worse at night and late afternoon. Professionally cleaning the carpets was no help. Washing

all my bedding and clothing is a daily requirement just to be able to be in the same house with them.

They do not appear to bother most people. Please help.

Nuit from Boynton Beach, FL


Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

It's possible that you are talking about No-See-'Ums, seriously, this is actually their name. They are

tiny, tiny, little boogers that bite, and the itch lasts for days! Awful little beasts. You might try to

bomb your house to get rid of them, and make sure the way that they are getting in is blocked, (screens

in place, doors closed, etc.) I've heard that you can get mosquitoes out of your house by turning off all

the lights, and placing a light-source close to the exit to draw the mosquitoes out.

Covering your skin, and using insect repellent will prevent them from biting. I can't recommend an

insect repellent just now, I am experimenting with trying several, to try to find the most organic one

(that works), that I can. Hopefully, when I find one, I will be able to pass the tip along. Right now,

the best thing that I have found is Avon Bug Guard. It is sunblock and insect repellent all in the same

bottle, and it is about the only thing that works for me. You can find this product on Avon's web-site.

I have tried many, mosquito repellents, and this is about the only one that works for me. Bounce

fabric-softener sheets tied to your belt "do not work"! Neither does Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil, vanilla

flavoring, mentholated rub, or all kinds of sprays. These solutions may work for others, but when I try

them, it's like sending out an invitation to all biting insects it the vicinity. Sprays with DEET works

best, but DEET is toxic, and I have had allergic reactions from using it. (hives) If they bite you, you

can paint the bites with clear fingernail polish, this is supposed to alleviate the itch; also, apply

witch hazel to the bites, it helps to relieve the itch as well. Good luck! (08/06/2008)

By Anonymous

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Sorry, I don't know what your bugs are, but there's this great nontoxic new bug spray that's safe to use

around kids, pets & food. It's called "Orange Guard". (because it's made from oranges)

Here's more info:

http://www.orangeguard.com/ (08/06/2008)

By Cyinda

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

I don't think that they are no see-ums because they have invaded and are living in carpeting, furniture,

and clothing in addition to the car interior. They are the size of dust particles which is too small for

no see-ums. Unfortunately no bug bombs or less drastic chemicals kill them. RAID seems to deter them for

a short while. Spraying them with alcohol deters them for a brief time especially if tea tree or other

essential oil is included. I have never heard of no see-ums living inside a house and cannot find any

postings on the internet where anyone has had them living in the house. It is horrible to have to spray

oneself with repellents every single day, all day and night! (08/09/2008)

By Nuit

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Have you tried your county agricultural extension office? They are a local office in each county. Clay

county out of Jacksonville has one. I called them and they were very helpful. (08/09/2008)

By sandy63

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Just wanted to share this tip, since they are so tiny you may want to spray your screens with the

repellent also. I use Avon skin so soft mixed with half vanilla. As the SSS is so strong smelling the

vanilla tones it down and helps for gnats. (08/13/2008)

By Ledda

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

I finally found a web site that exactly describes these pests and they are called parasites on this site.
They originate in foreign countries brought in on cloth and clothing imports. Apparently there is no test

in place to prohibit import of them.
If you know of anyone who has this problem, please forward them this web site, I am hoping the related

web site product will work to rid my home of this pest. It is a 24/7 horror beyond belief.

http://naturalginesis.com/info_parasites.html (08/17/2008)

By Nuit

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Call a pest control specialist for such a large infestation. Permathrin is a spray on clothing insect

repellent. Anything that touches it dies. Our hunting clothes are sprayed with this to reduce tick and

chigger problems. FOLLOW THE CAN DIRECTIONS. One spraying will last 3 to 5 washings. The product is found

in sporting goods section.

Use Bounce dryer sheets in the dryer and they can also be tucked around in the car or clothes. My

insect description book suggested using soap bubbles then let them dry for some types of mites. This

could be lice, mites, or midges you are dealing with. Also, see the first post for the cloth parasites.


By Artemis

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

I am wondering if maybe you guys are experiencing thrip infestations. I have gardenias, but they infest a

number of flowering plants like that. They will get into you home, take a nip out of you and leave.

Check them out on the web. I think I spelled it right. Thrips. (02/09/2009)

By reno

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Try an ozone generator! A strong one. Not an ionizer. Not an air purifier. Check the web or rentals.
Spendy. It blessedly works. (03/23/2009)

By nuitgoddess

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Here's a link to a commercial ozone producing unit that looks pretty good, scroll down to the 'shock

treatment' part and see that they claim it kills dust mites, bed bugs, etc. Also, it does make sense,

since normal oxygen is being replaced by activated oxygen at really high levels. I've also seen other

types of treatments, including tenting the place and filling it with Vikane gas for some period of time

or tenting the place and raising the temperature to 150F for 3 or 4 days. This probably is expensive, so

ozone generation seems to be the way to go.


Also, for plans on how to build your own, just Google or see this:

or this one: http://www.bigclive.com/ozone.htm

Here, I'm talking about the part that shows the copper screen mesh. You'll want to be sure to put out

a powerful stream of ozone, and plan to vacate the premises for 2 or 3 days, and just let this unit

replace 'all" the oxygen with ozone while you're away. Then, make sure to turn off the unit before you go

inside (pull the plug outside or kill the power) and have some method of airing out the place before you

set foot inside.

Don't despair, these things can be beat! (04/26/2009)

By fgleich

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Thanks fgleich for the resources. I bought my ozone generators from Ozotech in Yreka, CA, but I did not

do research on this company or any others.

Don't forget that you have to ozone your car too. Some web sites say that ozone affects rubber and some

types of clear plastic both in home and car. I did not have any problems except with a rubber band.

I am not sure how well the ozone penetrates fabrics. I have not been able to afford to leave the house

for several days so I do not know. Of course open cabinets etc. to allow as much penetration as possible.

I have thrown away most of my clothes and blankets. You may have to do so too. Shoes, like tennis shoes

are also a problem. Good luck to all. (05/04/2009)

By nuitgoddess

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

OK, here is my latest. I ended up going to a dermatologist, and I told him that I thought I had demodex

mites. These are mites that live in your pores and eat the sebum (the stuff the glands extrude for the

hair). Sometimes they will bite you (I'm guessing here that there is not enough food to go around for all

of them in there), and it will feel like a tiny pin prick. Of course, you can't do anything about it,

since they are inside the pore. Anyway, the dermatologist took a sample, and observed them under a

microscope. He prescribed a sulfur creme containing 10 % sodium sulfacetamide and 5 % sulfur. The brand

name of this is Perrigo and it comes in a 30 gram tube. It says on the tube it's by Rx only. You can buy

other sulfur cremes online for a reasonable price, or check with the pharmacy you frequent.

Now, I would study the life cycle of the demodex mite species, because this is a difficult pest to

eradicate, according to everything I've read, and also my experience. It will take months (with this type

of treatment) to knock down the numbers of mites on you (because they live in your pores).
There is, however, evidence of other ways to fight this, and that would involve heating up their living

environment to uncomfortable levels, so they come out of the pores, so you can kill them (when they come

out of the pores, it itches like crazy). I have seen at least one website where someone has done this.

Here is a link to a website where this person describes the method he uses.


It involves a number of techniques, but he/she talks about using a sauna. Another way might be to use

a heat pad and to do a part of the body at a time, having someone to help you with your back, etc. And

maybe the easiest way would be to have a supply of sticky lint rollers handy to roll them off your body,

or a tub of alcohol to bathe in ( might not work for sensitive areas and skin ) or some other means.
Anyway, there it is. Oh, one other thing, a clue that you might also have these is to check your eyebrow

hair at night when they are active, and you might see tiny white dust like things sticking to the

individual hairs. I've seen that a lot on myself.
Good luck! (09/29/2009)

By fgleich

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

I forgot to include this link, which has a lot of good information on demodex. Note that they sell sulfur

cremes (which I bought before the dermatologist), but they are really pricey.

And here is a link to sulfur creme that's priced more reasonably:

I also forgot to add that my dermatologist took samples by knocking one off of an eyebrow hair. There

is a movie in the link above of a doctor taking samples to look under a microscope from a patient.

If you have symptoms like mine, i.e., needle like bites, crawling sensations, itching, red swelling

bites, or acne or rosacea in combination ( or not ) with the above, then it may pay you to research this

and go to a dermatologist with the information on how to take samples to look at under a microscope. A

lot of dermatologists won't know about this.
Good luck to you! (09/30/2009)

By fgleich

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

An update: I am having some success with adding an IGR [Nylar] to the poison I have been spraying each

day. IGR's keep immature bugs from growing into reproducing adults. Because these things are so small,

even though I think I am spraying everything, I probably am missing some here and there. However, it has

cut them down considerably. I have repeated the Nylar twice w/in 2 weeks and it is better the second

time. I am also spraying alcohol in which I have dissolved menthol crystals [1 tbsp/24 oz alcohol]. This

seems to deter them. I spray the pillow cases and sheets and my clothing with the menthol. I was using

DEET and this is a great improvement for me. Note that menthol is very cold, but this goes away in 10

minutes or so.

Just as a reminder, all my clothes are in plastic bags and boxes, I wear them only once before washing

and I wash my clothes within three days of wearing.
I also have been treating my car with the same stuff.
You can find flea preparations for carpet and furniture that has some Nylar in it. Not sure if it helps.

Menthol crystals and IGR products are available on line. I got the IGR from:

http://www.cooperseeds.com/viewitem.php3?prod=2249 and the menthol from:

https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/ but I am sure there are many places to buy.

You can also get sprays that contain 6 to 10% mentholin your local drugstore where you final

medication for sore muscles. Read the labels.

Note that I had to mix the IGR directly in the poison to spray it [ceilings, walls floors, furniture].

Spraying anything contained in an added water mixture makes them reproduce!

Here is a site for mites, though I do not have mites, the above suggestions from this site have worked

whereas others have not for me:


Wishing you peace and good luck in your journey to buglessness in 2010. This is my 7th year of

fighting. (01/04/2010)

By nuitgoddess

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

Buy permethrin 10 % add 4 ounces in 1 gallon of water and saturate it wait till it drys and repeat first

step bugs will be gone in 24 hours it kills the bug the larva and eggs 8 ounces cost about $6.00 at

tractor supply store. (07/04/2010)

By sb319

Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

The chances are good you have scabies. It's not a big deal, but you have to get it treated right away by

a doctor. Permethrin cream 5% is prescribed, it is a cream you apply head to toe. Also, vacuum with a

good bag type vacuum and throw out the bag immediately. Wash all clothes, towels, linens in hot water. Do

not try to solve this yourself. See a doctor. (09/27/2010)

By Bill 87654321

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