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Shower Smells Like Rotten Eggs

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When shower is turned in my master bath, I smell rotten eggs. This is the only area the where the smell is. I don't have the smell in the kitchen or the other bath. Any ideas as to what the cause is?

By Rebecca228 from Taylor, MI


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By Cynthia [4]07/15/2009

I have well water and had this problem a couple of times. I think it's the sulfur in your water. When the plumber came to my house he said the smell of rotten eggs is sulfur. I first smelt it when I was pregnant and but no one else spelled it; my husband and even the plumber did not smell it. You may have attained a sensivity to your water smell. I even had to put a nose plug on when I took showers; the smell just turned my stomach. Eventually the smell will go away or your sensitivity will go away.

By Michelle Landreth [15]07/15/2009

Drain your hotwater heater and let it fill back up. This should fix the problem. We had the same problem in AZ when we lived there. I hope this helps!

By Louise B. [4]07/15/2009

It sounds to me like you are getting some sewer gas. If this is a new problem, I agree with the others that it is likely a clog. If it is not new, it may be that there is no trap to keep the gas from coming back up the line. Do you use that shower a lot? Sometimes if sinks or baths are not used enough, the water evaporates from the trap, and the gas seeps up. Perhaps you need to run water in the shower daily. Of course, if you are using the shower all the time, this is not the problem.

By Linda [36]07/15/2009

Are you on well water? The well itself needs cleaning. Call a plumber or check on line how to do that. My bro-in-law had this problem for years and when replacing the pump found that the pump and line down into the well was full of moldy, stinky stuff. They poured a bit of bleach into the well and now, after years, there is no smell. But check first as I'm not sure how it all went down! I just know now I can brush my teeth without gagging! Usually the hot water was the worst! Good luck!

By Laura07/14/2009

We were getting that on and off for about a month and then 2 days ago the lines backed up and nasty crappola was in the shower. Oh boy was it a mess. Had to call the plumber we had a clog between the house and the sewer. Our master bath was the lowest point. Keep those drains free and clear. Good luck

By Cyinda [214]07/13/2009

Chinese DrywallL: Just last night I heard a warning on the Radio (KOMO news radio) that there's a warning out about Chinese Sheetrock. If your bathroom has been renovated in the last 4 years with new sheetrock or you live in a new home built within the past 4 yeas then the drywall may be your problem. This Chinese sheetrock is manufactured using fly ash which is a waste product of coal burnt in power plants, it poses a health hazard to children & those with environmental sensitivities. It can turn air conditioner vents black, tarnish silver & other mentals & cause rusting & It also reacts with copper so it can also turn electric outlets black. This Drywall has a distinct Gray color & it emits a "rotten egg" odor. For more info, you can Google "Chinese Sheetrock" or "Chinese Drywall".

Here's what they say:
"After new home buyers in Fort Myers Florida complained about the sulfur odors, the builder had the Chinese drywall tested and determined that it was the problem. The builder replaced the drywall in one house and used ozone, fogging and barrier paint in the other"
"It is the drywall, and from what I gather it is causing a problem with it reacting with copper and, specifically, air conditioning units"

"Since moving into their new home less than 3 years ago, a Louisiana family has suffered from consistent headaches, itchy eyes, a dry cough and other symptoms. They suspect that the Chinese made sheet rock in their home is to blame. The sheet rock is manufactured using fly ash which is a waste product of coal burnt in power plants. It emits hydrogen sulfide gas and has the faint odor of rotting eggs. This gas has also turned much of the family's jewelry black and the cooling coil in the air conditioning system has been replaced due to rapid corrosion."

Here's some URL's: ... -some-lee-homes.aspx?googleid=254292

PS. If you don't have this drywall, then you have sulfur somewhere else in your bathroom. It also can get into your well water (if you're on a well you should get your water checked out).

Here's some ThriftyFun URL's about Sulfur in well water:

By Marta Black [3]07/13/2009

Don't know what is causing it, maybe a slight clog somewhere between the kitchen and bathroom? Have you tried pouring some baking soda and vinegar down the drain? This usually works in my kitchen sink.

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