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I got a ballpoint pen ink stain on my black cotton/spandex pants. How do I remove the stain from the pants? The stain on the pants has turned a brown colour?

By Jennifer from Malaysia


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Saturate the ink stain with hair spray. Wash, but do not dry until the stain is gone. Repeat if necessary.

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By cereza 8 05/19/2011

I have used "My Clean Shirt" to remove all kinds of stains from my husbands shirts, including ink stains. The website has all of the details. It is http://www.mycleanshirt.com

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Archive: Ink Stains on Clothing

I just washed and dryed a white dress shirt that had a blue inked pen in the pocket. Any tried and true ways of removing the ink?

Cindy from Ontario Canada

Ink Stains

The best way to get out ink stains is to put rubbing alcohol on the stain before washing. (02/08/2005)

By Brenda Cole

RE: Ink Stains From Clothing

If you have an article of clothing that has ink stain on it, don't throw it away. Just use a little aerosol hairspray to get the stain out. Just spray it on, rub with a stiff cloth, and launder as you normally would. By Robin (10/27/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

Make a paste of oxyclean, soak in hot water overnight, then wash the next day with oxyclean and detergent. I did a whole load of clothes with a gel pen, and this saved me! (10/27/2005)


RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

I don't know about white purses but i know on white shoes i have used finger nail polish remover to remove the black scuff marks that you get on white shoes and it works great, (not on patent leather) if it works for shoes it might work for your purse. Good luck and happy cleaning! (10/27/2005)

By Connie

Archive: Ink Stains on Clothing

I am trying to clean ink out of clothes.

Cathi from Chicago, IL

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

Try spraying the ink with a little hair spray . Jane (10/09/2006)

By youngsters

Archive: Ink Stains on Clothing

How do you remove ballpoint pen ink stains from clothing?

Fran from Tamarac, FL

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner will get out ballpoint ink even after the clothing has been through the dryer. Spray it on the ink spot and wash. I washed a whole load of school uniform pants and then put them in the dryer not knowing a pen was in there. The Spot Shot got it out. It's in a blue can with an orange cap. I call it miracle spray. Good luck. (03/10/2007)

By Renee

Archive: Ink Stains on Clothing

How do you remove ball point ink stain from clothes?

By Jayaraman from Tamil Nadu, India

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

There is a product called Amodex Stain Remover that works wonders. I purchased the bottle I have at an office supply store. (11/29/2009)

By chislop

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

Spray the ink with hair spray. It will immediately start to run. Throw the item into the washing machine and wash as usual with other clothing. Good luck. (12/01/2009)

By Carol in PA

Archive: Ink Stains on Clothing

What is the best thing to use to get ink out of clothing without fading the color? I bought my granddaughter a red and white striped little dress and it has an ink spot on it. I would like to get it out without fading the dress or causing the colors to run together.

By Melissa from Cullman, AL

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

Years of getting ink out of nursing uniforms; saturate the stain with hair spray, wash, and "do not dry" until you have the stain gone. (04/22/2010)

By bkvander

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

I've always used "Magic Wand" available at Jo-Ann Fabric stores. (04/22/2010)

By sooflory

Archive: Ink Stains on Clothing

How do you get an ink stain out of a sweatshirt jacket?

By Cheryl from Hanover, NM

RE: Ink Stains on Clothing

Saturate the area immediately with hairspray; pre-treat area with Dawn dish liquid and wash. Check it before drying to make sure it's gone. (07/29/2010)

By bkvander

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