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Keeping Your Soap Dish Clean


Prevent having to clean soapy scum from the soap dish or at the sink by placing a thin sponge in the dish or sink indention to lay the soap on. The sponge catches the scum, leaving underneath relatively clean. It also does double duty because you then have an already soaped sponge to use for some utility duty.

By Trace from Wartburg, TN


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Archive: Keeping Your Soap Dish Clean

Here is a great way to keep your soap dish cleaner: Place smooth river stones (available at any craft store) on the bottom of your soap dish and place the bar of soap on top. This will keep the bar of soap from getting scummy, plus it looks attractive too!

By Carol from Lancaster, PA


RE: Keeping Your Soap Dish Clean

Another way to keep your soap dish clean is to put a small sponge in the dish and put your soap on top. Keeps it from getting all gunky and you can use the sponge to clean the soap dish.. (06/26/2006)

By sewingmamma

RE: Keeping Your Soap Dish Clean

I put a wire (stainless steel) "shelf" up against my bathroom wall for the soap and sponges. The soap dries easily because it gets air and light from all sides. (06/30/2006)

By Willem

RE: Keeping Your Soap Dish Clean

I bought the soap dishes that hook on the wall with suction cups (for the tub). It holds the soap like it holds a sponge and I just spray it out with the shower head. For the sink, I use liquid soap. (09/28/2006)

By nuddybuddy