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Where can I buy space bags?

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Which retail stores carry Space Bags?

Sandy from Lenoxville PA


Recent Answers

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By SAT [2]06/24/2010

Don't. They leak. They tear. You will regret it if you do. Read the reviews all over the net.

By Kitty (Guest Post)05/27/2008

Don't waste your money! They work great the first time you use them. After that, you will never ever get them to seal properly again, no matter how hard you try. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

By Melissa (Guest Post)03/19/2008

I just bought an off brand at Walgreens if those are around in your area.

By Kelly Shaffer11/21/2006

I bought some at Target and they worked really well.

By jeanne (Guest Post)11/21/2006

I've seen them at Meijers, I'm not sure what area of the country you live in, also "Tuesday Morning" stores will sometimes carry them as well as "Big Lots"..the best price I've found so far..also Ebay, there are usually quite a few posted there, I've purchased some there careful which brand you purchase though, some of the ziplock style closures leave a bit to be desired!

By Memere (Guest Post)11/20/2006

They are very reasonable in Walmart. You can get both types (one that you need a vacuum for and the other that you just roll up). They are found in the area where they sell luggage. I prefer the vacuum type...seems like I can more air out that way.

By Rosemary [2]11/20/2006

You can purchase them at WalMart and Carol Wright Gifts also carries them. Both have online stores as well,but I got mine from Carol Wright Gifts. Hope this helps

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