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Dyeing Suede Shoes

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I have a pair of Ugg boots that are light brown, and I want to dye them charcoal gray. Is that possible? How would I be able to do it at home?



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By Kush K.12/06/2014

I have light brown suede boots. Can I put shoe polish on them to make them black?

By Michele [17]12/04/2009

This is my advise....Ugg's are expensive, keep them the color they are. Light brown is a neutral color and I'm sure you'll have use for them in the future. You can get Ugg look a likes for a fraction of the price. If you do deside to color them please remember that in winter ground is wet with snow and salt (sometimes a chemical is put in the road to melt ice). Keep in mind as nice as they may turn out, getting any of these things on them might change the color in spots. Also, if you do dye them each boot might be a little off, two different shades. Hope this can help, good luck with whatever you do!


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Question: Dyeing Suede Boots

My navy blue suede boots are losing their color. Can they be dyed?


Most Recent Answer

By Joyann03/29/2012

Yes, they can be dyed, but often when people try to dye suede shoes themselves, the results are not so good. I would advise having them dyed professionally.

Question: Dyeing Suede

Can I dye red suede flip flops black?

By D.R.


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Archive: Dying Suede Shoes

Does anyone know how to dye suede shoes? I have a pair of bright blue suede loafers that somehow look like bedroom slippers. I would like to change them to brown or even red. Please help.

PatsAZ from Arizona, in the Desert

RE: Dying Suede Shoes Cream

If you use bleach to remove the present color, the suede will probably turn yellow brownish. Perhaps if you use a product that the silk painter uses to remove color it might do a better job. Try contacting Rainbow Silks in England. They carry all the products needed for fabric painting and dying. Tell them your problem, perhaps they can help. A friend of mine used fabric paint on her shoes and had set it with a hair dryer. (04/04/2005)

By Janette Budnark

RE: Dying Suede Shoes

I checked in with our local leather and saddle shop a while back with the same question. I was told there is no way to do it and have it come out looking good. They checked and could find no solution.

Good luck, and by all means let us know if you find a way. (01/14/2007)

By patsAZ

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