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Melted Plastic on a Frying Pan

My boyfriend placed a hot skillet on a plastic bread bag without knowing. Unfortunately, by the time we realized, the bag was melted onto the pan. We tried scrubbing but some plastic remains making the pan unusable. Any ideas on how to clean it? It's an expensive pan and we don't want to throw it away.

Diane from Wayne, NJ


Recent Answers

By BoogieP (Guest Post)02/06/2009

I just tried this on my iron which had a plastic bag melted on it. Heat up the iron or skillet just a bit to warm up the plastic. Once it's warm you get your Goo Gone and use it. If you try Goo Gone with a cold plastic bag, it won't work; when it's heated up, it will! Worked like a charm.

By Sasha (Guest Post)02/05/2009

At work a plastic mattress pad was thrown into a dryer and it melted. There were clothes in the dryer as well. The melted plastic went onto the clothes. Then the clothes were washed and dried. Now the melted plastic is dried right into the pants. Is there anyway to get it out?

By Marita (Guest Post)01/26/2009

I put a very hot pan on a plastic cutting board. Will some of these methods for plastic bags being melted on outside of pan work for my situation too?

By Patricia Taylor01/21/2009

Place an old piece of cloth (that you can disgard) over the area of melted plastic and iron the area with a very hot iron. The cloth should absorb the plastic just as happens when you remove candle wax from an object or from carpeting. If that doesn't work, try some super fine steel wool, such as used for fine finishing between coats of paint, perhaps with a paste made from baking soda, if it still needs some polishing. I clean my stainless steel pots like that every couple of months.They look great!

By Kim Churchman [3]01/21/2009


By Kathryn (Guest Post)01/21/2009

You might also try WD-40 if you happen to have it on hand already.

By (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Lowe's also has the Lift-Off and is really cheap! I had the decals one puts on a bath tub to prevent slipping on tile floor. Nothing took them up til Lowe's man told me about Lift Off. Bought a small can and it was a miracle how easily they came off - no rubbing, no sticky gum on tiles! Also takes the price stickers off things you want to give as gifts!

RE: Melted Plastic on a Frying Pan

By Jazzylazzy (Guest Post)01/21/2009

If the plastic is on the outside, reheat it with your hair dryer. Then use one of the small plastic bread fasteners to scrape it off. Take off as much as you can. Then you can use Comet or Ajax cleanser to get any residue off. I have had to do this with my toaster. Have fun and be patient.

By (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Goo Gone or WD40 should work. I used Goo Gone to remove a melted bread bag from a toaster. You can get it at Canadian Tire and Walmart.

By Cindy01/21/2009

Go to an Auto Store and buy Label remover. Lift Off is one name or Goo Gone is another. The saleperson will know. If you have a O'Reillys Auto they have it. It will take off stubborn labels and will probably remove the plastic. It will not hurt your frying pan. Good luck. Let use know if anything works.

By Chris Richman [9]01/21/2009

Try putting the pan in the freezer. Once it is cold enough to make the plastic brittle, you may be able to crack or peel the plastic off.

By pam munro [447]01/21/2009

I would heat up the pan to melt the plastic again and then scrape it off with something that won't scratch - like a piece of plastic or a plastic spoon - (don't melt them!) It may take several tries, but you should be able to finally get it off.

By BlueJean (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Try heat the pan again over a flame and then wipe off the melted plastic with paper towel wadded up (of course using something to hold the towel) or slide the bottom of the pan over newspaper until gone. Good luck!

By PENNY K [15]01/21/2009

Use something like the side of an old knife to scrape it. I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that this plastic is on the bottom and won't show if it gets scratched. Or dampen a cloth so it's barely damp and pour baking soda on part to be cleaned and rub with cloth. Use enough soda to make a little pile, you are using it as a scrubber and it needs to be about 1/8-1/4 inch thick.

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