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Cleaning Melted Plastic Off a Pan

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Stainless steel pan.

Accidents happen and having plastic wrap or containers come in contact with your hot pan is not that unusual. This is a guide about cleaning melted plastic off a pan.



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Question: Melted Plastic on a Frying Pan

My boyfriend placed a hot skillet on a plastic bread bag without knowing. Unfortunately, by the time we realized, the bag was melted onto the pan. We tried scrubbing but some plastic remains making the pan unusable. Any ideas on how to clean it? It's an expensive pan and we don't want to throw it away.

Diane from Wayne, NJ


Most Recent Answer

By BoogieP (Guest Post)02/06/2009

I just tried this on my iron which had a plastic bag melted on it. Heat up the iron or skillet just a bit to warm up the plastic. Once it's warm you get your Goo Gone and use it. If you try Goo Gone with a cold plastic bag, it won't work; when it's heated up, it will! Worked like a charm.

Question: Melted Plastic in Stainless Steel Pot

I was trying to warm up frozen contents in a plastic storage container so they would drop out into a stainless steel pot. You guessed it, the plastic corners of the container melted onto the inside of the pot. Any suggestions for getting melted plastic out of my stainless steel pot?

By Katermurr from Greenwood, IN


Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]05/04/2009

Chill pot in freezer for a while and use a sharp knife without serrated edges, probably a paring knife size, and scrape away. Chilling will harden the plastic, making it easier to pick at.

Solutions: Cleaning Melted Plastic Off a Pan

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