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Repairing Dull Spot Left by Magic Eraser on Laminate Counter Top

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I had a spot on my laminate counter tops in the kitchen. It appeared to be a spot that had been wiped but left a dull finish. I used the Magic Eraser to try to rid of the dull look. The Magic Eraser has eaten the shiny finish off the laminate and left an even bigger dull finish area. How do you repair this look?

Rhonda from Audubon, IA



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By Doug R. (Guest Post)01/30/2009

Pledge worked best for us. The spot is still visible, but much less so than before.

By Sharon (Guest Post)05/03/2008

Try using Pledge or some other furniture polish on the spot. You will probably need to do the entire counter top area though, because just applying polish to the spot, will probably make that area stand out, like a sore thumb! You might also try WD-40 as a polish. Gel Gloss is another good polish. You might also try applying a small amount of vegetable oil, to the spot. Rubbing the oil off, with a paper towel, after about five minutes.

By LAnBfflo04/30/2008

Maybe you can track down the manufacturer's telephone number, and perhaps they may have suggestions.
I know some laminates cannot be repaired; I'm not sure if it's true for all types.

By Katie [3]04/30/2008

That is a danger of using a Mr. Clean Eraser on a shiny surface--the Eraser is abrasive and it will leave a dull area. I did this once on a vinyl floor and all I could do was to leave it alone. In time the normal useage of the floor kind of polished the dull area and you couldn't see it any longer. I hope that will happen to your countertop if you leave it alone and just continue to use it.

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