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Cleaning Cat Urine Smell on Hardwood Floors

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A kitten sitting on a wood floor.

When your cat has an accident, it can be a challenge to remove the smell of urine from hardwood flooring. This is a guide about cleaning cat urine smell on hardwood floors.


Here are questions related to Cleaning Cat Urine Smell on Hardwood Floors.

Question: Cleaning Cat Urine Smell Off Floors

I have laminate flooring in 2 rooms, hardwood floor in one, and rubber tile flooring in 2 rooms. We are smelling cat urine as soon as we come in the house, but can't find the exact location of the where she did it. So I need some advice as to what to use on each of these floorings since this is going to be a whole house with the exception of the bedrooms where there is no odor. I will appreciate all suggestions and thank you.

By slg

Question: Cat Urine Smell on Hardwood Floors

I have discovered dark patches on the wooden floor where my cat has previously peed and it has dried in. I am not too bothered about the stain it has made as it will be covered by a new rug. I will have to throw away the old rug which is shaggy pile and replace it, but I need to get rid of the smell. The floor is teak. Any ideas please?

By Lynn from UK

Solutions: Cleaning Cat Urine Smell on Hardwood Floors

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