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Tips for a Husband Who is a Picky Eater

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a picky eater? My husband and I are wanting to start a family soon and I want us to start eating better but he refuses to eat any veggies and very few fruits. The veggies he will eat are: broccoli, lettuce, fried squash, and corn on the cob (if it's not on the cob forget it!).

We're also on a strict budget, allowing $25 to $50 a week on groceries and that includes any cleaning supplies, toiletries, dog food, etc. Please help with recipes, tips, anything to get us to be able to start eating healthier!

Jeggie from Elberton, GA



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By NEWFIEGIRL [8]12/29/2012

I would be the last person in this world to offer this advice. And suggest anyone should part with their pet. But you stated you included Dog food in your list. Irrespective of the Breed you have not allowed for annual Veterinary treatment plus unforseen accidents. To relieve your financial problem place your Dog in it's "forever home" where money is not an issue. Good luck.


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