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Melted Rubber Inside a Dryer

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How do I remove melted rubber (from the sole of a tennis shoe) from inside of an electric dryer?

By Teresa from Douglasville, GA


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By Jennifer [29]07/07/2010

Try Goo Gone- it helps with a lot of stuff like that. Put some of it on some steel wool and scrub.
If your dryer is hot enough to melt rubber, maybe you could use it as a bread machine!

By kjablue07/03/2010

If your dryer got hot enough to actually melt the sole of a tennis shoe, I'd be concerned about that first and foremost. I would definitely pull out the dryer and clean out the flexible piping and check the vent to outside because something is not right and could cause a fire.

One thing you might consider using is a caulking removal tool to remove the melted rubber. I'm not positive it would work but it's made to not damage the porcelain on your bathtub so it shouldn't harm the inside of the dryer and you can find one in any hardware store.

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