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Washing Dry Clean Only Pants


Can I wash clothes that say Dry Clean Only? The pants I want to wash are made of 95% polyester, and 5% elastano. What could happen if I wash them?

Rosey from Canada



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By Rosey (Guest Post) 05/17/2008

Ok. Will try your suggestions and post back later. Cheers. Rosey

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By siris (Guest Post) 05/19/2008

Most dry clean only labels protect the manufacturer in case you are careless in your washing eg. too hot water etc. I wash all rayons on a gentle cycle and don't dry in the dryer. Works great, and they always recommend dry cleaning.

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By Maureen (Guest Post) 05/31/2008

I wash practically everything that says Dry Clean Only, Exception< Angora sweater. I have washed my husbands dress slacks and my own in cold water, little detergent and hang them up to dry. I never have had a problem with shrinkage, just touch up with iron. Heres a great hint: never place iron directly on pants that say dry clean only. Place a cotton hanky over the pants and iron in sections..this prevents shiny spots and the pants will look professionally done.

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By Cynthia (Guest Post) 06/02/2008

With my husband's dress slacks I alternate machine washing and dry cleaning. I'll wash in cold water/delicate cycle 2-3 times in a row then send to the dry cleaners once. It works out well.

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By Colleen (Guest Post) 10/17/2008

My Pants are from White House Black Market.. decently expensive pants and I don't want to ruin them by trying, but I can't afford the dry-cleaners around here AT ALL.

The material is made of 63% Cotton, 24% Nylon, 8% Polyester, and 5% Spandex. All these things have been put in washer and dryer. Can I machine wash these in cold water?? Or hand wash them, or get them clean easily without going to the dry-cleaner? PLEASE HELP!

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Archive: Washing Dry Clean Only Pants

I have a pair of pants that say "dry clean only", the content of the material is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Elastane. Can I wash them in my washing machine at home? Also, why would they say dry clean only?


RE: Washing Dry Clean Only Pants

MOST of the mfrs who specify dry-clean-only do it so as to avoid any POTENTIAL problems with washing. IN other words, so many people today don't use gentle wash or use laundromats etc that the chance of ruining a garment are great & the Mfr doesn't want a bunch of backlash, so they err on the "better safe than sorry" side. IMHO! Me? I wash about 90% of my DRY Clean Only clothes. Using GENTLE COLD wash, using WOOLITE if I have it (shampoo if I don't). SOMETIMES, I tumble in the dryer on low-med heat to knock off a little wetness then LAY FLAT TO DRY (heat from the dryer is the worst threat to most things). I have lots of trouble with RAYON--it can shrink up & wrinkle horribly like 3 sizes smaller! Sometimes it can be ironed out--sometimes NOT! I always send woolens to the dry cleaner since I ruined a CHICO's wool cardigan $180! Cold wash water caused the wool to seize up like a steel trap--never put it in the dryer, but it went from a Ladies LARGE or XLARGE to a 3T (toddler)! Cotton / elastane pants could possibly shrink or lose it's color or finish (if it's shiny or has a special coating). I, personally, would probably soak & swish them in a mild detergent/cold water, rinse, hang to drip off wetness, then lay flat to dry. But it depends on your investment. It's a Learn-By-Doing kind of thing. (10/25/2007)

By luvvy

RE: Washing Dry Clean Only Pants

You can purchase dryer sheets that dry clean your cloths. I find these do a great job just follow the directions on the package. You can find these at dollar stores also (10/27/2007)

By Madeline

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