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Make a Stand for Your Older Dog's Food


If you have pets that suffer from arthritis, the doctors recommend you elevate their food to keep them from bending over to eat. We have a 15 year old dog with arthritis and we built a stand for her, instead of spending the 40 bucks to buy one.

<p>What we did was measured the dishes together for the width and depth and measured the dog standing for the height. We used old scrap lumber to make the stand and the dog is now better able to get to her food without bending. Besides it also helps if you have the pesky ants in the house and around the food.

By Debra from IL



By Shelter Worker (Guest Post) 09/02/2008 Flag

Elevating a pet's food isn't just for elderly pets. You should do it for any appreciably tall pet but make certain the stand or short table you use is VERY secure/tip-proof and the bowls can not easily be pushed off.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 09/03/2008 Flag

I used a wood stool that I found at a yard sale. I put our dog's food and water bowls on it. I covered it with plastic wrap, the type that clings to just about anything, to protect the wood. Every now and then, I would replace the plastic wrap. The stool definitely made it easier for our dogs to eat and drink.

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By Neet (Guest Post) 09/10/2008 Flag

I have a question. If you you use a stool, how to you prevent the bowl from being knocked down?

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