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Homemade Mousepads

A purple foam mouse shaped mouse pad.

Make your own mousepad for yourself or as a gift, from inexpensive supplies or materials you have around your house. This is a guide about homemade mousepads.


Solutions: Homemade Mousepads

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Homemade Mouse Pads

Mouse pad with woodland stream photo.I picked up some beautiful tourism booklets at the local welcome center. There are all kinds of materials you can use for projects with kids. I suspect they would keep outdated stuff for you if you asked them. There were glossy woodland scenes in this one particular booklet, and the pages were square like a mouse pad.

Approximate Time: 15 minutes


  • glossy nature scenes from brochures or magazines
  • sticky foam sheets, 6 x 9 inch works well
  • markers


  1. Tear pictures out and adhere to the foam sheets.
  2. Trim off the excess and round the corners.
  3. Add a quote or Bible verse.

You could also make matching pencil cans, book marks, etc.

By Cindy from Waynesburg, PA

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Tip: Magazine Mouse Pad

Who knew? My pa did; he's 84. If you have an optical mouse and need a fresh mouse pad, all you need is a good magazine. It works like a charm and you can pick the cover page you like. This is really-kinda cool, I thought.

Source: My pa

By Pamela from Sun Lakes, AZ

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Recipe: Craft: Woven Paper Mousepads

This is one of my woven paper mouse pads. I cover the woven paper surface with contact paper to protect it from wear.

By Angela from Sault Ste Marie, ON

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Tip: Placemat as Larger Size Mouse Pad

I hope I am not the only person on the earth who is unhappy with mouse pad sizes. Just in case I'm not I'll share with you. I have a place mat on the top of my desk for when I snack while playing Scrabble. I have another on my pullout tray where the keyboard and mouse are. It is big enough to keep me from running off the edge with my mouse.

    By Marty Dick [163]

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    "Mouse" Pad

    A purple foam mouse shaped mouse pad.Kids will enjoy making this cute mouse pad to decorate their desktops. A great study buddy that will be quiet as a mouse!

    Approximate Time: About 30 minutes


    • 2 (9x12 inch) coordinating sheets of craft foam
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • craft glue
    • scrap of black felt
    • wiggly eyes
    • non-slip drawer liner


    1. Use scissors to round the corners of one short side of a 9x12 inch piece of craft foam and trim the other short side to a point. (Save the scraps to use for the ears.)

    2. Trace this shape onto a piece of nonslip drawer liner and cut it out.

    3. Create a face by tracing the pointed side of the foam body onto another sheet of craft foam. Add a curved line for the top of the face, then cut it out.

    4. Draw and cut out a curvy tail from the craft foam left from making the face.

    5. Glue the tail to the body on the back side.Glue the nonslip liner to the underside of the body, covering the end of the tail.

    6. For ears, cut out and glue two foam circles to the centers of two slightly larger foam circles, then glue the ears just under the top edge of the face.

    7. Cut out and glue on a black felt nose, add wiggly eyes (or cut out and glue on black felt eyes), and glue the face in place on the body.

    By Rachel's Mom from Wilkesboro, NC

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    Tip: Placemat Instead of a Mouse Pad

    Here is a great tip to keep your computer keyboard area clean and tidy and save money too. Instead of wasting money on a mouse pad, go to the dollar store or somewhere you like, pick up one vinyl placemat and your mouse will still work out just great. If you have drinks there it makes the spills and heat from hot beverages from harming your work space. Easy to clean up too. Just swipe it with a damp cloth and then dry and your ready to go. Pick out a theme that goes with your room.

    By Henny

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    Tip: Larger Mouse Pad

    I had been looking for a long time for a large mouse pad, because my hand was always going off the regular ones. Then it came to me to use a stiff vinyl placement, several of which I had on hand. I have been using it for a year or so, and it works perfectly! I use my laptop on my legs a lot in bed, and the mat beside me makes it so easy.

    Cay from FL

      By Carolyn C. Cooke [19]

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      Craft Project: Cat and Mouse Pad

      Mousepad with a cat fabric motif.Mouse pad smudged and dirty? Recycle it! The hungry cats on this one are ready and waiting for the mouse to come and play!

      Approximate Time: 15 minutes


      • Old Mousepad
      • Fabric Scrap, preferably with cats on it
      • Spray Adhesive
      • Sharp scissors


      Wipe mouse pad with dry cloth to remove dust. Roughly cut fabric to fit mousepad. (Leave about a 1/2-inch all the way around). Press with iron. Spray on adhesive. Center the fabric on top, press, and smooth out wrinkles. Work fast; it dries in 30 seconds. Trim fabric so edges are flush with pad. You will need sharp scissors or a craft knife.

      Optional: Treat edges with Fray-check if desired.

      By Cindy from Waynesburg, PA

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      Tip: New Mouse Pad for Less

      I've been needing a new mouse pad for ages. All of them that I saw were small ones that cost upwards of $6. I just replaced the old pad with a plastic place mat that cost $1.47 and it works great! The palm trees are very trendy, too.

      By Margie

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      Here are questions related to Homemade Mousepads.

      Question: Make Your Own Mouse Pad

      Does anyone have ideas on how to make your own computer mouse pad? I like the ones that look like little carpets, but they are so expensive! What else can be done?

      Lynn from Albany, NY

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Francoise Martin (Guest Post) 03/28/2007

      I made a mouse pad by recycling a torn plastic place mat. I cut it in the shape of a square and my 14 year old uses it on his computer.
      You could also get fancy and put a picture on the place mat and then mac tac the mouse pad.
      good luck.

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