Making My Laminated Flooring Shiny Again


I have a laminated flooring that was installed about 5 years ago. My problem is that when I clean the floor with the suggested cleaning liquid by the manufacturer, or now the new Clorox or Swifter cleaners that I have also tried, the floor retains a dull film that I can't remove back to my shiny floor. Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a remedy for it? Could it possibly be a hard water problem?

Ruth from Jackson, MI


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By Kelly (Guest Post) 01/12/2005

Try washing your floors with warm water and about a cup of vinegar (I use an ice cream pail 3/4 full of water and just pour some vinegar in). This is all my mom and I have ever used to wash floors and our floors both look great. My mom's lino. is 15 years old at least and although it is starting to wear at the seams it is still shiny.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 01/12/2005

I haven't tried it myself, but a co-worker said she adds vinegar (sorry, I don't know how much) to her water and that it eliminated the problem for her.

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By MAMAB (Guest Post) 03/10/2008

I use 1 cup vinegar per 1 gallon of water. But it has not taken away the dull look. Please someone help. My laminated floor is only a year old. I did not know I could not use oil soap.

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By Dolres 1 03/29/2009

Do you use white vinegar for the cleaning or the browner types of vinegar? Or does it make any difference what kind you use?

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