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Substituting Dried Lemon Peel for Fresh

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Can you substitute dried lemon/orange peel for fresh? If so, what would be the measurements? Thank you.

By mkymlp from PA


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By Kim Churchman [3]05/12/2009

I like frozen better. I've seen how much they spray citrus, so I wash with detergent and soak. Then I use the whole lemon peel, grind all in food processor, and freeze in a plastic container. Very handy, just grab a pinch for every recipe. Any citrus-based smoothie is zinged up with lemon peel.


Yepper, you can substitute :-) Rule of thumb is to start with equal amount of dried vs fresh. You may need to double dried lemon peels but orange peels may need to even be tripled. You'll just have to taste test as you go ;-)

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