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Craft Ideas for Used Medicine or Pill Bottles

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I really hate seeing the medicine bottles from Target go to waste and would like to know what they can be used for other than keeping screws or such in them. What have others done or might think to do with these? It's such a waste and I figure since the holidays are coming up that it would be fun to create some kind of project with them.

By Beth


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By Anonymous [848]08/03/2011

If you have the proper tool to punch a small hole in assorted types of plastic you could make some nice wind chimes by punching a hole in the bottom of the bottle and stringing them chime style. The different sizes and types of plastics of the bottles would make a nice delicate melody in the wind and you could decorate them with paint made for plastics :-)

By Marti S. [20]08/03/2011

I keep one in each vehicle for giving change at the bank or pharmacy windows. It holds quarters quite nice. One in my purse for loose change, so I never have to hunt. A couple are used for sewing needles and small craft items. One is a toy for the cats, partially filled with beans. I have stuffed plastic shopping bags in the larger ones (you can fit three in a medium bottle) so you always have a plastic bag. Try it. I have the washcloths in one that you can buy that are dyed, and look like a big tums tablet until you wet it so we have washcloths we can wet with bottled water. The list can be endless.

By Lisa [2]08/02/2011

I saw something in one of my magazines once a couple years ago. I believe it was ReadyMade, but could have been Martha Stewart, too. They gathered a whole bunch of the bottles, and attached them together to make a red wreath. You know where the labels are stuck on the bottles? They were attached together label to label. Because they're wedge-shaped they made a wreath very nicely. I'm going to do a quick search . . .

. . . it was ReadyMade! I found where a few people mentioned it, but no images. This person wrote up some instructions. Wish I had a pic to share, but this is the best I can do: ... &m=2883150&grpcat=Activities

By edward1956 [1]08/02/2011

As far as crafts, I'm not quite sure. But I re use them all the time for when I travel with my vitamins and such, so I don't have to take the whole freaking bottle. I suppose you could hot glue some type of fabric around them to decorate them? :p

By Chris M. [2]08/01/2011

I have put rice or small things like that in them, sealed them shut with hot (or regular) craft glue. You can put a pom-pom on the cover and Poof! An inexpensive cat toy. I've also seen them decorated to look like angels, etc. with the wooden ball glue on the top of the bottle for the head, etc. (Angels, Nativity figures, etc. come to mind as do Santa, elves and reindeer).
Once I got to thinking about this, I did a quick search and found a lot of ideas. I saved some of my favorites. I'll share with anyone that wants them. Now my mind is running to the craft store to get

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