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How Long Should I Wear New Dentures?

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How many hours a day should I leave my new dentures in? I had new dentures and extractions on the same day and am having a lot of pain in my ear.

By Dolorita from Joliet, IL


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By Holly [350]08/02/2010

I learned that dentures, when left out, will cause fit problems for patients in a hospital. So, contact the dentist, feel better, and get them re-adjusted if need be!

By Candy Killion [8]07/08/2010

Definitely keep them in during the daytime, but call your dentist asap. When mine were new, my dentist said that keeping them in gave him a better take on precisely where adjustments needed to be made. It took me about four trips ( and twice as many days of discomfort) before the fit was absolutely right.

As others have posted, don't be ashamed to make a pest of yourself rather than to grin and bear it--your dentist expects your calls! Also: always go with what your dentist says, but ask about whether they should only be taken out at night for fifteen minutes of soaking for cleaning or left out all night. Mine said that a thorough cleaning can be done in fifteen minutes, but that it was a healthier choice to take the teeth out all night to give the gums and jawbone a rest, vanity be damned. :0

By Beth [25]07/08/2010

Keeping them in will keep the gums from swelling too much. New dentures usually need to be adjusted several times. After the gums have healed, they will continue to change shape for a while and you will need to have your dentures adjusted accordingly. Your dentist knows this so don't be afraid to keep asking for an adjustment - he is expecting it.

Yes it is very painful now, but mouth wounds do heal fairly quickly.

By Beth07/08/2010

Please continue to see your dentist to assure the proper fit of your dentures, even after the initial adjustment is over. My Mom wore the same set of dentures for decades, until the chewing surface wore away and was flat. She could no longer chew. When she went for replacement dentures, she could not be fitted properly. Her bottom gum had adjusted it's self to fit around her old dentures. She is now well advanced in years and has to eat pureed food because she can not be fitted for a lower plate.

By Grandma J [46]07/06/2010

Contact dentist. Have had husband, father and friends do this. They left them in so the tissue would not swell around the teeth and then not fit. Take out from your mouth and rinse with salt water often, wash the teeth and then put back in.

By Lisa [2]07/06/2010

I have no experience with this particular problem, but whenever I've had something medical done, I don't hesitate to call my doctor's office with questions. They have your records and can give you the best advice, and that's what they're there for. I hope you start feeling better soon!

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]07/06/2010

Call your dental office and explain the problem.


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Have you checked with your dentist? This is not good and may signal a more serious problem.

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