Wearing New Dentures

March 19, 2014

New DenturesI got immediate dentures (top and bottom) Friday after having 19 teeth extracted. It is now Wednesday and I still can't close my lips properly. When should I be able to? I went yesterday for adjustments for sore spots and was told I am healing well and my bite is fine. I am just really embarrassed that I can't close my lips and if I force them closed I look like I have a huge wad of chew in my bottom lip and my top looks the same!


By April


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The permanent ones you will receive later should fit perfectly, but the ones you wear right now are just temporary ones.

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Tell your dentist they need to shave the top part of the gums down there's too much up there that you can't close your mouth.

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November 3, 2019

I was wondering; when you're getting your mouth prepared for dentures, what do they do? I'm starting with the top, first. So, when all these are removed. Won't the bottom, irritate the top?


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This is a question that you should ask at your dentist's office as they should have brochures containing instructions on prep procedures.
If you have already seen your dentist and have an appointment to have your upper teeth removed then your dentist will have already ordered a 'temporary/immediate mold" that will be made from your mouth before teeth are extracted.


You will need to wear this mold until your regular dentures are made which could be weeks/months but your dentist should give you an approximate date. This set will help protect your gums and also help you adjust to wearing and caring for dentures.
Immediate/temporary dentures will not fit as well as your regular dentures but will still be helpful during this healing process.

Call your dentist and ask about any medications you currently take and if you should stop taking any of these before the procedure and ask about OTC meds like vitamins and calcium as some want these stopped 2-3 days before the appointment.

Mos dentists will request you have someone with you that can drive you home after the procedure is completed.
Fasting is usually required so check on this also.


No smoking on day of procedure - none.
Take any antibiotics the dentist gives you - just the way they state to take them.

Get to know your dentist's helpers so you will feel comfortable asking them questions as this is a long process and you will have questions.

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I agee with all the above. When you have your top teeth extracted, you will have already had impressions, fitted and had your top denture all made; so that when your teeth are extracted, your dentist will put your new denture imediately in. During which time your mouth will be healing. You will be returning to your dentist a few times for adjustments! Your dentist should be telling you all this step by step! Best of luck!

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March 5, 2015

I just got my dentures. It was a 4 month process, but I'm happy! I am happy my dentist waited until I was healed and happy for a new smile.

Is there suppose to be a small gap between the back of the upper denture and the roof of your mouth? I seem to have one and it's hard to eat or drink because food and liquids slip into that gap and I choke sometimes.

By Paula Foster


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No - there is NOT supposed to be a gap, not anywhere on your plate no matter upper or lower. Contact your dentist ASAP. Until you can get in and have the plate adjusted, use a denture plate adhesive to 'seal' the gap so you can safely have something to eat.


What's happened is that when your impression was taken your palate ('roof' of mouth) was swollen. The dental lab used that impression to create the upper plate and it's clearly wrong. (Alternatively, the lab simply made a huge error - it happens but not often; I do think the problem is your impression was taken when your palate was swollen - that's what happened to me!)

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July 25, 2016

I'm getting all my top teeth pulled and my insurance only covers one pair of dentures so I will have to wait for my gums to heal before I get dentures. How long does it take for gums to heal? I can't remember if the dentist said 4 weeks or 4 months.

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September 7, 2019

Will a second set of dentures be required in a few months after receiving new dentures due to gum shrinkage?

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July 6, 2010

How many hours a day should I leave my new dentures in? I had new dentures and extractions on the same day and am having a lot of pain in my ear.

By Dolorita Mackins from Joliet, IL


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Call your dental office and explain the problem.

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I have no experience with this particular problem, but whenever I've had something medical done, I don't hesitate to call my doctor's office with questions. They have your records and can give you the best advice, and that's what they're there for. I hope you start feeling better soon!

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Contact dentist. Have had husband, father and friends do this. They left them in so the tissue would not swell around the teeth and then not fit.


Take out from your mouth and rinse with salt water often, wash the teeth and then put back in.

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March 18, 2010

I just got 5 upper teeth extracted. I can't seem to eat anything without pain. How do people do it? I have to go back to my dentist May 10, 2010. He will make my upper teeth then I bring them to the oral surgeon, he will then remove the last 5 uppers and put my dentures in. How long does it take to get the dentures made? Does this mean I will still be waiting for teeth after May 10th? I just don't understand.

By Christine from Hamilton, Ontario


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March 18, 20101 found this helpful

It depends on the dentist and the individual. I know people that have the dentures as soon as their teeth are pulled and have no trouble, but then on the other hand I know people that have had all kinds of trouble. As a whole I think dentists like to have the patient wait about 6 weeks after the last extraction. That allows for the gums to do a fair amount of swelling.


I got my dentures late 1983 and haven't had any problem with them I waited a minimum of 6 weeks before getting them. I don't like the way they feel, because the only teeth I had were all broken off at gum level or just roots. The only way I know how to explain how they feel is that it feels like I have a huge wad of bubble gum in my mouth.

They aren't loose and they don't cause me any pain or anything. I wear them when I am out in public. I can eat popcorn, steak, etc. without them. I can't eat raw veggies, but if I peel and slice an apple I can eat that. Most people that I know that have dentures have trouble with raw veggies.

The man I divorced a few months before wouldn't let me use money for dental care, so when I got my share from selling the house dental care was the first thing I got. I knew I would need decent teeth in order to get a job. Some people also have trouble with small pieces of bone working through their gums for several years. Dentures aren't everything they are cracked up to be but are sometimes necessary. You are bound to have some pain for awhile. Good luck!

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Some people wait 6 months to get dentures after pulling all their teeth so the gums will be shrunk & well. They don't have as much trouble. You can get powdered alum from drug store,make a mouth wash with it. Mix teaspoon in a cup of water, wash out mouth with it several times a day. It heals almost every thing. I keep it all the time, good luck.

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I have been one of the lucky ones I guess. I got my uppers about 5 years ago. They pulled all the top teeth at once and I was not put under. I don't think I would do it that way again but was trying to save a few bucks. But they fitted me for some temporary dentures right away and then after several weeks, I used the regular dentures. I think I had a good dentist for one thing. But as a reader suggested, if you can hang onto your old teeth. Do it. They are never as good as the real thing. I can eat almost anything except sticky candy or gum. I can even eat an apple without peeling or slicing too. I dropped mine a few days ago and now they have a hairline crack. Have to call dentist today to see if they can be fixed.

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My mother-in-law had all her teeth pulled the same day and got some temporary denture, then later she got permanent dentures. You are going to have mouth soreness. Warm salt water rinse will help your gum heal faster. You could also just leave the dentures out for a while. You will have the pain even with the pain pill, but it WILL stop. But it will get better you will just have to wait it out. But the denture wearing you will have to adjust to also, you might need to make a trip back to the dentist for readjustment A couple of times.

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First of all, I hope it is a quality lab that is making your teeth! I had 7 upper teeth pulled in Feb 2002 and they put my "temporary" in immediately before I even woke up. My gums formed to the denture. They had me leave them in for the first few days and they only take them out at night. It hurt like hell at first but gun numbing creams helped. Once they were in or out they were fine. 2 weeks later, all was well and 8 years later I am still wearing the "temporary" and they look great! it Will get better! Good luck!

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You may have a temporary plate while the permanent one is being made. Off hand I don't remember the name of it, but there is a mouth wash you can buy over the counter to help heal mouth wounds. Your dentist or oral surgeon may even provide it.

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April 19, 2013

I had to have all my teeth pulled, all 18 of them; they were all bad. My dentist told me to wait three weeks to get my dentures for the swelling to go down. He said that they would give me more trouble if they made them right then. He said that they would fit better if I wait. I've been reading a lot of articles were people have been getting them right away. So what is better to wait or get them the same time the teeth are removed. Please help. I go back the 24of this month to get them. I am scared to death.

By ravenstormy

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September 20, 2018

I got my dentures today after having 5 visits. When should I take them out for cleaning?

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September 6, 2016

Why do I keep biting my bottom lip with my new dentures?

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June 1, 2013

I just had 14 teeth extracted on Thursday and they put my permanent dentures in before they woke me up. How often should I be removing them? I'm worried about leaving them out or in too long, worried about swelling, etc. Also the teeth are not straight. The top teeth are leaning slightly to the left, and the bottom are really leaning the opposite way. It's very obvious. The oral surgeon said the fit is great, but the bite is way off. I'm hoping this can be fixed. Does anyone know?

I'm having heart surgery June 20 which is why I did my teeth first. I'll be on blood thinners forever after. Also, the lab made the mistake of leaving the invoice in the box with my dentures. They charged my dentist $264. My dentist charged me $1172. I am hoping this amount includes the next set of teeth that are 10 months down the road. I think that markup is insane. Well, anyone with any experience with this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

By Sandy from Pittsburgh

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March 15, 2013

I had all of my upper teeth pulled and I put my dentures in right away. My question is how long should I leave them in? I have heard to leave them in two weeks or a week before taking them out because of swelling. When can I take them out?

By Joyce

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April 11, 2015

I recently had my teeth removed and temporary dentures put in immediately after. I was not really given info after being sent home only to come in if I have sore spots. And now the dentist is on vacation. I'm curious if I have to take them out at night? It hasn't been a week yet. I do take them out 2-3 times a day to do a salt rinse and to clean. I'm nervous having them out while my mouth is healing.

By VJ from KS

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