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Denture Fitting

Shaving the Bone to Fit Dentures?If your dentures to not fit right it can not only be irritating and uncomfortable but painful as well. Getting a proper fit may require shaving the bone to fit your dentures by the dentist.


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How Do I Care for My Gums After Tooth Extractions?I had six teeth pulled from all over my mouth, two bottom left, one bottom right, one center top, one top left, one top right. On top of that I had a partial placed in on the top and bottom right after they pulled the teeth.


Woman Having Tooth Pulled

Eating After Having Teeth PulledFollowing your dentist's instructions is important after a tooth extraction. Make sure you eat foods that will aid in healing. This is a page about eating after having teeth pulled.


bugs in hair

Getting Rid of Bugs in HairIf you have bugs infesting the hair of your family, proper identification will help you with treatment. There are several products and home remedies that will work on many types of insects. Medical advice should be sought if the bugs are very resistant to treatment.


Woman with holding her mouth in pain.

Remedies for Pain from Wearing DenturesGetting your mouth accustomed to false teeth can be uncomfortable. This page is about remedies for pain from wearing dentures.


Ostomy Supplies on a table

Finding Free or Low Cost Ostomy SuppliesThis is a page about finding source for free ostomy supplies. If you are low income or without insurance, it can be hard to obtain affordable ostomy supplies. Here are some suggestions for finding low cost or free supplies.



Top Dentures with Adhesive being applied

Removing Denture Adhesive from Your MouthDenture adhesive can remain stuck to your gums and the roof of your mouth after taking out your dentures. This is a page about removing denture adhesive from my mouth.


Baby's arm with prickly heat rash in fold of arm.

Treating a Rash in Skin FoldsItchy irritation can develop on skin where excess moisture and little air can circulate. This is a page about treating a rash in skin folds.


Partial Dentures on white tooth mould

Can't Get Partial Dentures Back in Mouth?This is a page about can't get partial dentures back in mouth. Learning to insert a partial denture can be a bit of a process.


Someone squeezing red hair dye on to their hands.

Removing Hair Dye Stains on Nails?The best way to prevent getting hair dye on your nails or skin is to wear latex gloves when applying hair dye. However, if you get some dye on your nails there are ways to get the color out. This is a page about removing hair dye stains on nails.


A woman wearing a sleeveless sun dress with her arm in a sling.

Tips for When Your Arm is in a SlingThis page contains tips for when your arm is in a sling. Having your arm in a sling can make it hard to get dressed, sleep at night, or even just be comfortable throughout the day. Here are a few tips that may help make life a little easier.


Bare Feet

Removing Corns From FeetThis is a page about removing corns from feet. Corns on your feet can be very painful.


Photo of a toe with toenail fungus.

Getting Rid of Toenail FungusThis is a page about getting rid of toenail fungus. Toenail fungus can be frustrating for those who have it. It's unsightly and very difficult to get rid of.


New Dentures

Wearing New DenturesGetting accustomed to false teeth takes some patience. This page is about wearing new dentures.


Close up of a yellow jacket and its nest.

Relieving Itching From Yellow Jacket Stings?Yellow jacket stings can be itchy and painful. This is a page about relieving itching from yellow jacket stings.


pill splitter

Splitting PillsThis is a page about splitting pills. A pill splitting apparatus or a knife doesn't always work very well. You can end up with lots of pill crumbs and be unsure of how much medication you really have.


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Swimming With Strep Throat?Is it OK for my daughter go swimming in the pool with strep throat? She's been on antibiotics for 3 days now.


Man With Parkinson's Disease

Activities for Someone With Parkinson's DiseaseThis is a page about activities for someone with Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that can make many activities difficult, but not impossible.


Man in Green Shirt Smelling His Underarm

Preventing Underarm OdorThis is a page about preventing underarm odor. Underarm odor can be embarrassing for anyone, but if you have trouble getting rid of it, that can be even worse. There are many ways to control underarm odor, find the one that works for you.


A man holding his nose from a bad smell.

Body Odor Smells Like Skunk?Your diet has a big effect on your body's ability to eliminate toxins. This can make your perspiration have a strong smell. This is a page about body odor smells like skunk.


Woman scratching face.

Mystery Itchy Bumps on Face?Small itchy bumps can be caused by such things as stress resulting in hives, allergies, or from bug bites. This is a page about mystery itchy bumps on face.



Photo of a blue pills that look like Naproxen.

Aleve (Naproxen) to Relieve a ToothacheNaproxen is a good general pain killer that can help relieve many types of pain, including a toothache. Using Aleve (Naproxen) to relieve a toothache is common way to reduce pain of a sore tooth.


A pair of well worn Birkenstock brand sandals.

Wearing Birkenstock Sandals for Heel Spurs?Many consumers have found noticeable relief from heel spurs by wearing Birkenstock sandals. This is a page about wearing Birkenstock sandals for heel spurs.


Blue first aid kit.

Alternatives to Bandaids?When your skin is sensitive to adhesive or you can't find the right size bandaid, you many need to use something else. This page is about alternatives to bandaids.


Personal Cleansing Wipes

Rehydrating Personal Cleansing WipesThis is a page about rehydrating personal cleansing wipes. Cleansing wipes have a tendency to dry out over time as you use up the package.


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Uses for Expired Grapeseed Oil?I have a bottle of grapeseed oil that is past its date by a couple of years. Besides throwing it out, are there some ways to use it where the "use by date" doesn't matter? Thanks for your helpful tips.


Wearing Earrings With Sensitive Skin

Wearing Earrings With Sensitive SkinThis page is about wearing earrings with sensitive skin. There are ways to tolerate those inexpensive earrings when you react to the metals they contain.


A man touching his eye lid.

Treating a Bug Bite on Your Eye LidBug bites can be a nuisance anywhere on your body, but the eyelid is a particularly annoying place to have one. Treating a bug bite on your eye lid isn't as easy as on other places, but it should still be kept clean and not irritated by touching or rubbing it.


Toothbrush, jar labelled "baking soda" and a cup of water

Does Baking Soda Damage Tooth Enamel?This is a page about "Does baking soda damage tooth enamel?". Baking soda is often used separately or in a variety of commercial toothpastes to help whiten teeth.


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Lanced Boil Has Not Gone Away?I had a boil lanced 1 week ago by the doctor. It still has not gone away. It filled with pus again. I have been dizzy and had a sinus-type headache for a few days now. The boil is not red just still has pus and raised.


Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder Surgery  - view of Velcro strips in place

DIY Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder SurgeryIt can be difficult to get dressed when healing from shoulder surgery but shirts can be altered to to make this process easier. This page has DIY instructions for an altered T-shirt for shoulder surgery.


Woman Using Aloe Vera

Uses for Aloe VeraThis page is about using aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural remedy for a number of minor skin problems, and known for it's health benefits when taken internally.


Man with a sore mouth.

Caring for Your Gums After a Tooth ExtractionThis page is about caring for your gums after a tooth extraction. After having a tooth pulled, it is important to follow the dentist's directions to keep the pain to a minimum and to heal as quickly as possible.


Pill Bottle First Aid Kit

Making a Pill Bottle First Aid KitThis is a page about making a pill bottle first aid kit. Having a mini first aid kit in your purse or backpack can come in handy.


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Bread Sticking To Dentures?I have a problem with bread sticking to my dentures. Any suggestions?


Bottle of mouthwash.

Using Listerine for Promoting Hair Growth?This is a page about using Listerine for promoting hair growth. This mouthwash may promote the health of your scalp by reducing bacteria and yeast.



Relieving Pain from Bone Spurs

Relieving Pain from Bone Spurs?This is a page about relieving pain from bone spurs. Bone spurs can be incredibly painful. Relieving the pain can help you get through the day with some sort of normalcy.


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Getting Rid of Coating on Teeth From Chewing Gum?I am 69 and have chewed gum "all my life", without and with dentures. For almost a year now, when I chew gum, I get a coating on my dentures. Does anyone else have this problem and what do you do about it? I need to chew the gum to help get rid of dry mouth.


Orange Oily Stool from Eating Cashews

Orange Oily Stool from Eating CashewsIf you or your child eats a lot of cashews, there may be evidence in the toilet later, in the form of orange colored and oily stools. This page is about an orange oily stool from eating cashews.


woman with arm in sling

Dealing With a Broken ShoulderThis is a page about dealing with a broken shoulder. After the pain of the break, there then comes an amazing array of lifestyle modifications you will need to make to keep up with day to day activities.



Using Campho-Phenique?This is a page about using Campho-Phenique. Campo-Phenique is a topical medication often used to help dry up and relieve the pain associated with cold sores.


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Safe Popcorn for Someone With Diverticulitis?Safe Popcorn for Someone With Diverticulitis? My Dad has diverticulitis (seed kernels are bad) and popcorn was always his number 1 favorite food. . .


Temporary Dentures

Getting Temporary Dentures?This is a page about getting temporary dentures. Part of the process of getting dentures often includes being fitted for temporary dentures to use until the permanent ones are ready.


Woman in tank top applying deodorant

Deodorant Makes My Underarms ItchyThis is a page about deodorant makes my underarms itchy. Some consumers find that certain deodorants make the skin under their arms itchy.


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Trouble Getting a Blood Pressure Reading?My question is regarding high blood pressure problems and people who cannot get any readings at all. This also happens to me sometimes and I was wondering if anxiety and panic attacks would cause this?


Woman Concerned About Her Ear

Can Fleas Get in Your Ears?This is a page about can fleas get in your ears?. Fleas can be quite insidious and get just about anywhere if you are not careful.


Broken Glass

First Aid for Cut from Broken GlassThis is a page about first aid for cut from broken glass. When you are wounded by broken pieces of glass it can sometimes be embedded in the cut.


Stressed unhappy young man with bad neck pain

What Type of Doctor to Consult for Muscle Spasms?When you have a pain in your muscles, it can be hard to know what is causing it. Certain conditions require different typesof specialists. This is a page about what type of doctor to consult for muscle spasms?


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Clothes Dried on Clothesline Trigger Allergies?I had a clothes line installed to save money on electricity. However, when I dry anything on the line; the clothes pick up all the things that I am allergic to and when I bring them back indoors (I also have COPD), I cough, sneeze, and become very uncomfortable.


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Allergic Reaction to Flip Flops?I wore a pair of rubber flip flops all summer, but towards the end of the summer my feet started itching terribly right where the straps of the sandals are. It turned into a rash that itched all the time and had tiny blisters with clear liquid.


Man itching his arm.

Can Your Water Make You Itch?Clean water should not make you itch. If you suspect your water is making you itch, you should definitely have the water tested to see if that is the source of your itching. This is a page about can your water make you itch?


Is My Tongue Piercing Infected?

Problems with a Tongue Piercing?If you are having problems with a new tongue piercing, the best advice is to talk directly to your piercer. They can tell you if it is normal or if you need further medical attention.


Tops of Feet

The Tops of My Feet Are Red?A trip to the doctor is probably in order to determine the cause of redness on your feet. It could be the result of many things, and will need to be diagnosed. This is a page about the tops of my feet are red.


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Drink Lemon Water Before and After A MassageA good pal told me today she went for a massage recently and masseuse told her to drink the juice of a fresh lemon mixed with an equal amount of water before a massage or exercise and afterwards to cut down on the pain she would experience later.


Hand using a stamp and ink pad.

Removing Stamp Pad Ink from Skin?Permanent ink can be a challenge to remove from your skin. Rubbing alcohol or scrubbing with good old soap and water will work. This is a page about removing stamp pad ink from skin.


Man Scratching his Leg

Stopping the Itch from Chigger BitesThis is a page about stopping the itch from chigger bites. If you end up with chigger bites from being outdoors, it is important to throughly wash your skin and your clothing with warm water and soap. This will help you get rid of any chiggers that may still be on your skin or clothing. Over the counter ointments are generally very effective in relieving the itching. Here are some other home remedies to try.


A man scratching his ear.

Causes of Ear ItchingThis is a page about causes for ear itching. Having an itch in your ear can be very annoying. Knowing the cause can help in finding a remedy.


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Dry Mouth Remedies?I need help with dry mouth.


Two boys drinking koolaid outside.

Removing Kool-Aid Stains from SkinThis is a page about removing kool-aid stains from skin. Kool-Aid is full of unnatural chemicals that can stain the skin.


Close up of the mouth of a smiling senior woman with her hands on either side of her jaw

Getting Used To Wearing Dentures?This is a page about getting used to wearing dentures. Getting used to wearing dentures takes time.


Bottle of hand sanitizer with Listerine.

Listerine as SanitizerI love the amber colored mouthwash, whether name brand or not. It is useful for so many things. When my hand sanitizer small bottles are almost empty, I shake them up with the antiseptic mouthwash in them.


woman fanning herself

Remedy for Hysterectomy...This is a page about remedy for hysterectomy induced sweats and weight gain. A hysterectomy depending on its scope can result in the onset of menopause.


Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth?This is a page about prenatal vitamins for hair growth. Many women take prenatal vitamins to improve hair growth.


Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel

Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel?This is a page about home remedies for treating carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel can be very painful and debilitating. Finding home remedies to alleviate the symptoms can very useful.


Woman with a toothache.

Remedies for Ulcers on Gums After Teeth Extractions?This is a discussion about dealing with oral sores after teeth being removed. This page is about remedies for ulcers on gums after teeth extractions.


Remedies for Itchy Skin

Remedies for Itchy SkinThis page is about remedies for itchy skin. Soothing the irritation and stopping the itch, helps the skin to heal.


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Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe to Use Around Children?How safe is diatomaceous earth to use in the home? I have fleas, but I also have children. I want to put this stuff in my basement, but I'm afraid that my kids will inhale the dust.


Apple with a bite next to it sitting next to a pair of dentures

Eating After Getting New DenturesThis is a page about eating after getting new dentures. Eating after getting new dentures can feel like a whole new experience.


A Bandaid on a toe of a child.

Home Treatment of Infected WoundsThis is a page about home treatment of infected wounds. Infected sores are best treated under the advice of your health care professional.


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Use Half A Benedryl to Avoid Side EffectsMy son and I both have pollen and various topical allergies. It seems that Benadryl is the only thing that works for either of us. Since he does a lot of driving in connection with his work, he bought the little pink Benadryl tablets and broke them in half.


Man's arm in complicated shoulder sling against white background

Preparing for Shoulder SurgeryThis is a page about preparing for shoulder surgery. Surgery, such as shoulder surgery can make life a bit more difficult during your recovery.


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Remedy for a Bad Smell on Lips?Does anyone know what can I wear or do to my lips in order to get a bad smell off of them? I work in a kitchen and the heat of the oven I operate make the smell off my lips take over the whole kitchen. Please does someone know what should I do?


Lotion Pump Bottle

How to Fill a Lotion Pump Bottle?This is a page about how to fill a lotion pump bottle. It can be hard to transfer lotion to another bottle, because it is so thick. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier to fill a lotion pump bottle.


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Free Printable Medical ID CardFree Printable Medical ID Card. You do not have to belong to State Farm to get this. Great to carry in your purse or wallet.


A woman holding pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

Tips for Swallowing PillsThis page contains tips for swallowing bills. For many people taking tablets or capsules can be difficult.


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Can a Dog Bite Cause a Rash?Can a dog bite cause a rash? The wound isn't infected and has healed.


Pair of crutches up against a cement wall.

How to Make Crutches More ComfortableUsing crutches is awkward enough without being uncomfortable too. This is a page about how to make crutches more comfortable.



Disposing of Feminine Personal Hygiene ProductsIt's easy to be discrete when disposing of feminine hygiene products. This page offers suggestions for inexpensive ways to dispose of feminine hygiene products.


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Problem With Eye - Floaters?I have recently developed a floater in my left eye (black spidery lines) which is very annoying. I have been to the opticians and doctors and they said there is not much I can do about it. Anyone else get these and is there anything that will help them go away.


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Feeling Lightheaded?I have been very lightheaded as well as having sinus pain, pressure and headaches for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Being lightheaded is my biggest complaint. My doctor seems to think it is from allergies even though I dont have any other allergy or cold symptoms.


A girl with a broken arm.

Hand Washing With a Broken ArmThis page is about hand washing with a broken arm. People who have broken their arm say their biggest complaint is that they can't wash their good hand.


Woman washing her hands with bubble bath soap

Using Bubble Bath as SoapBubble bath is a very gentle soap that can often be purchased cheaply. It makes a great substitute for hand or body soap. This is a page about using bubble bath as soap.


A woman sitting at table in a wheelchair.

Living With a DisabilityThis is a page about living with a disability. Disability is a term that covers a wide range of conditions of varying types and levels of severity, including hearing, vision, and mobility impairments.


Pumping Hand Lotion

Getting The Last Bit Out Of Pump BottlesThis is a page about getting the last bit out of pump bottles. There is usually product left in the bottom of bottles, that the pump cant reach. Here are some tips about getting the last bit out, before throwing the bottle away.


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White Crusty Bumps on Feet and Ankles?I have white, dry, crusty bumps on my feet and up on my ankles. Has anyone ever heard of this? If so, do you know what causes this?


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Sweaty Armpits With No Odor?I have the worst armpits! Well almost the worst! I have really sweaty armpits yet no oder whatsoever!


Raw honeycomb on a table.

Using Raw Honey as a Laxative?There are a number of health benefits that can be enjoyed with the regular consumption of raw honey. This is a page about using raw honey as a laxative.


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Is Borax Safe To Use Around Children?Is Borax safe to use around children? My poor kitty has been infested with fleas, as well as my home! I have searched and searched about carpet remedies for fleas and have found a lot on Borax, but with differing results about the use around kids. I have a 4 year old. Is Borax safe to put all over the carpets with him?



Using a Spoon for Tongue CleaningCleaning your tongue regularly can help with overall oral hygiene and bad breath. A spoon can be an effective tool for cleaning your tongue. This is a page about spoon for tongue cleaning.


CPAP Machine

Using a CPAP MachineThis is a page about using a CPAP machine. The CPAP machine is a very effective device used to treat sleep apnea.


Green crocs on a white background

Preventing Stinky Feet from CrocsThis is a page about preventing stinky feet from Crocs. Keeping your feet from sweating is the best way to help prevent foot odor. Try wearing cotton socks with your Crocs, use foot deodorant, or wash your feet a couple of times during the day on hot days.


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How Can I Take to Treat Vertigo?My wonderful mother (who turns 89 on July 1st) is having frequent problems with vertigo and headaches. She had a bad cold a few years ago, and the problems started then. She also lost most of her hearing in one ear.


Picture of a kidney containing kidney stones

Preventing and Eliminating Kidney...This is a page about preventing and eliminating kidney stones. Getting rid of and preventing the formation of future kidney stones can be done with some commitment on your part including diet changes.


Preventing Leg Ulcers

Preventing Leg UlcersThis is a page about preventing leg ulcers. Reduce the risk of developing a leg ulcer with these helpful tips.


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Remedies for Ringworm?This page is about remedies for ringworm. When people get ringworm it usually requires a visit to the doctor for medication.


Close up of Lizard

Treating a Lizard Bite?This page is about treating a lizard bite. There are many different kinds of lizards, but only the bearded lizard and the Gila monster are considered poisonous. If you have been bitten by a lizard that you think is poisonous, call 911 or other emergency services immediately.


Woman holding dirty stinky shoes

My Husband Has Smelly FeetThis is a page about remedies for your husband's smelly feet. Does your husband have smelly feet and you are in desperate need of a remedy for it? Here are some suggestions to get rid of the smell!


oinment bottle

Treating a Staph Infection (Cellulitis)?This is a page about treating a staph infection (cellulitis). Consult a health professional when treating a contagious infection.


A doctor discussing a chest x-ray with a patient.

Health Issues After Quitting SmokingThis is a page about health issues after quitting smoking.Many people experience issues with their health in the months after quitting cigarettes.


A blister on a leg

Treating Leg Blisters?This is a page about treating leg blisters. When diabetes is a health issue, your physician is your best source of advice and treatment.


Avoiding Stress at the Dentist

Avoiding Stress at the DentistThis is a page about avoiding stress at the dentist. For many people, a trip to the dentist is a dreaded stressful time.


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Can Blood Cancer be Transmitted?Could you please tell me where someone is getting the blood cancer? And it is like a virus that can transferred blood to blood or any kind of liquid from the body of someone who has blood cancer?


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A doctor holding the hand of a patient in comfort.

Cancer: Health Isn't The Only Price You PayHearing a doctor tell you the hard truth, that you have cancer, takes your breath away. After a little while it becomes abundantly clear that the initial shock is compounded by the overwhelming costs involved. It's an added stress to you and your loved ones.


A woman relaxing with head and legs raised.

Coping Skills with Depression and AnxietyA few years ago, I needed help with coping with depression and anxiety. I went to classes to learn. I don't usually tell people this, but it helped me learn so much. It helped me then and it is helping me greatly now! A lot!


Woman biting her nails.

How Can I Stop Biting My Nails?This is a page about how to stop biting your nails. Nail biting is a common habit that can be hard to break. Many people begin biting their nails as children and it can continue into adulthood it you don't find an effective method to break the habit.


A woman being examined by a dentist.

Finding Dental Care With Bad Credit?Dental care gets expensive very quickly, if you have bad credit it may make it more difficult to get the dental care you need. Finding dental care with bad credit can be difficult, but it's not impossible.


testing blood sugar

Lowering Blood Sugar Without MedicationA proper diet is the best way keep your blood sugar low without medication. Lowering blood sugar without medication is possible but it takes dedication and close attention to what you eat and when.


Filing Nails

Treating Dry, Brittle NailsThere are a variety of suppliments you can take, and different things you can put on your nails to strengthen them. This is a page about treating dry, brittle nails.


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Bar Soap with Less Residue?My husband will not give up bar soap in the shower. Does anybody know what kind of bar soap leaves less residue in the tub?


A woman fanning herself inside a house.

Frugal Ways To Keep CoolThe Pacific NW is experiencing a heat wave right now, with record breaking temperatures. What are some frugal alternatives to staying cool during a heat wave?


A bottle of melatonin pills next to a sleeping mask.

Using MelatoninMelatonin is a hormone that helps regulate a person's sleep cycle. It is often used as a supplement to help people sleep but the effectiveness is questionable by medical professionals. There are some side effects possible so be sure to contact your own doctor before using.


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American Dagger Moths Can Be ToxicBeware of hairy yellow caterpillars with black spikes. They are American dagger moths that have have toxic properties when hairs are touched. One slight brush sent me to the ER with significant hives, elevated blood pressure, facial flushing, and chills.


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Foot Pain After Back Surgery?Two years ago, I had surgery on my back. A discectomy for 3 herniated discs, L4 L5, and S1. My back has been fine since so it seems it was a success.


A small round blemish near a person's lip.

Is This Herpes?I think I might have herpes. Could somebody please let me know?


More Recent


A woman fanning herself inside a house.

Brainstorm: Frugal Ways To Keep CoolThe Pacific NW is experiencing a heat wave right now, with record breaking temperatures. What are some frugal alternatives to staying cool during a heat wave?


A small round blemish near a person's lip.

Is This Herpes?I think I might have herpes. Could somebody please let me know?


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Fleas in Human Hair?I purchased a house in January and inherited a flea infestation with the house from dogs of previous tenants. I have no pets. The fleas have also been living on me in my hair for the last 2 months. I have had the house fumigated 3 times with a 4th next week. I have greatly reduced the fleas in my hair using everything from Hedrin, Scabbies cream, apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise, olive oil, essential oils, tea tree oil, bi carb of soda, salt by washing my hair in the bath twice a day for the last 10 weeks, washing bedding and clothes every single day and still they live. The medics don't believe me and think I am delusional. Can anyone who has experienced similar offer any further suggestions or advice on eradicating permanently from your hair? Many thanks in advance.


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Stabbing Pain in Toes After Surgery?I had surgery for a herniated disc on this last March 10th. 3 weeks after surgery, I developed a stabbing sensation in the toes. At first, it was only when I would lay down. Now it's all the time intermittently. Standing, walking, sitting, laying down.


A red spot around a tongue piercing.

Normal for New Tongue Piercing?I got my tongue pierced 2 days ago and the swelling is down except this red circle right around it, is this normal?


A spot on the top of a foot.

Itchy Spot On Foot?I have a rash on the top of my left foot that started about 1 month ago! It began as a small bump that started to itch! I really thought it was just a bug bite until I noticed it growing larger the more I would scratch! I noticed a few minutes ago that it's starting to puss Can anyone please help? Is there something I can use to relieve the itch, at least.


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