Eating After Having Teeth Pulled

May 29, 2018

I just had 4 of my front teeth pulled on the 23rd and was just wondering when can I eat normal food. I have no pain. Also when can I drink out of a straw?



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I strongly recommend calling your dentist or oral surgeon (or their staff, nurse, hygienist), and asking them to give you detailed instructions for what their post surgical procedures are for what you had done.

Have someone else listen in with you so you get it all right. Use their emergency number to get them if it is after hours. That is how strongly I make this recommendation.

Dental procedures, especially removals, are very delicate and sensitive and not following the provider's protocols can leave you open for an infection, severe bleeding, and other complications.

I tell you this from personal not rely on friends or a website to tell you how to take care yourself post surgery. ONLY listen to your provider. He/she will know what kind of stitches, etc. that were used and what works best to protect the work they did so you can reduce or eliminate the change of infection or worse.


Good luck and PLEASE follow the doctor's orders exactly as given so you can heal and have the best possible outcomes!!

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March 10, 2017

I just got four teeth pulled out, two on the bottom and two on the top. Can I eat food like pie and chicken etc.?


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If the teeth pulled are on the same side of your mouth, you can eat foods cut in small pieces.

If they are on both sides of your mouth, you may want to stick with soft foods and/or food cut into very small pieces until your mouth heals.


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If you feel comfortable you could, but I would recommend eating soft foods for a day or two.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled and it was bleeding afterwards for a few hours. I did not want to further irritate the area so I ate soft foods like soups, yogurt, smoothies and it was recommended by the surgeon.


Did you ask the doctor/dentist/surgeon what you could eat and can't? Typically you are given a chart and explanation of what to do/not to do.

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I would suggest you stay with soups, applesauce, yogurt, protein shakes, soft food in general until your gums heal. You probably have stitches in your gums and you don't want the food to get under them or into the opening. Be sure to rinse your mouth with salt water after eating or drinking anything. You will be surprised at how quickly your gums will heal and then you can have all the pie and chicken you want. Been there.


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What did the dentist tell you? They send you home with instructions. Normally is no straws and clear soft foods only for 24-48 hours. Do you have to go back to get stitches out? You can not eat food that has particles that can get into the pockets.


With my wisdom teeth I was told soft foods only for the first 3 days and to rinse my mouth and not brush. You need to be contacting your dentist. If you are on blood thinners, your instructions are different yet.


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When I had 9 teeth pulled and new dentures put in in one day, I was shaking I was so hungry but couldn't eat for a day or two.

I invented Instant Potato Soup: Just put a bit of extra water or better yet, broth or milk in a package of Idahoan Instant Potatoes and cook. You can drink it use a spoon but DON'T use a straw. With some butter and salt/pepper it's comfort food till you can have the real thing.

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I had all four wisdom teeth pulled this summer. It's the worst, isn't it?!! Stick with things like broth, Jello, mashed potatoes, and ice cream for a few days. Don't eat anything steaming hot because it might dissolve the scabs that form to help the sockets heal. If that happens, you can get what they call dry socket--an infection that makes the healing process even more uncomfortable.


After a little while, try macaroni and cheese and the chunkier soups. I had to wait a week or so before I could eat anything else (like bread, chicken, etc.) without pain. Also, you will want to avoid chips and crackers-- unless you soften them in soup--for a few weeks until your mouth heals up.

To lessen any bleeding, you can bite down over a teabag, one side at a time, for about 10 minutes. This works because of the tannin, so I'd recommend black tea. Also, after some time your dentist might give you a type of syringe you fill with water to clean food out of your teeth. This might seem gross, but trust me, the squirty thing is your friend!

Keep your chin up and feel better soon!

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I am no stranger to dental discomfort and have had a few teeth pulled. You will need to stick to liquids for at least a day.


Milkshakes are perfect, and in combination with your pain med should help you feel much better!


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I would endure waiting the few days because eating solids can aggravate your condition and prolong healing.

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June 17, 2011

I just got all of my upper teeth pulled. I am anemic and need some healthy recipes to keep me healthy until I get my dentures. Any suggestions.

By Rita W.


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If you can afford about ten to twelve dollars, get yourself a "food mill". (I bought one for a baby gift at the local department store whose logo is a red circle surrounded by another red circle.) They're intended for making your own baby food; but what it does is grind table food into an even consistency so that it is easy to mouth and swallow. This way, you can eat meats, and not have to worry so much about your iron. If you go to Amazon and search "baby food mill" you can see a photo of it (there are several brands). They look like plastic tubes with a bell shape at each end.

You can use your crock pot to make any cut of meat soft and shreddable. I cook lean beef round (I slice it, if it is a roast) in mine for a good eight to ten hours, and then let it cool. I rub the cooled meat between my fingers to shred it well, then mix it back in with the juice it generated as it cooked.

If you cook ground beef in a regular pan, then add some water, and gently simmer it for a good half hour or more, it will get nice and soft. You could make a little gravy with the meat (add beef broth if you need more liquid) and serve over mashed potatoes.

Hopefully you will heal quickly!

June 17, 20111 found this helpful

After the pain is gone, you should be able to eat almost anything, until you get your dentures. I ate baby food, mashed potatoes, soup, until the pain was gone. After that I managed to eat regular meals, no steak, or things like that, but other foods worked good. To this day I can eat popcorn better with my uppers and lowers, than with them.

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Hamburger soup--ground beef, potatoes diced small and some onion all cooked in tomato juice. I remember my mother fixing that for my father years and years ago. He could just about drink it.


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Let me suggest plenty of avocados and a vitamin B12 supplement. The avocado has a great deal of iron in it! Blessings,


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You may be able to eat cooked spinach for iron. Other than that, when my husband had all of his uppers removed he ate pudding, yogurt, scrambled eggs, orzo over cooked in chicken broth and mashed potatoes. Luckily mouth wounds heal very quickly so it shouldn't be long before you can start eating more variety.

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My husband just had throat cancer and couldn't eat anything but eggs and his doctors put him on Boost Plus. When I had my teeth all pulled I cooked everything I wanted and processed it to almost liquid and it tasted good because I cooked it just like I always do the processed it. Never lost a pound; raisins, are a great source of iron and building anemic blood back, put them in milk vanilla sugar and blend, and drink. Do use the boost Walmart brand choc. we like best the others seemed chalkey. I add extra cocoa to mine because I have it and even if I don't it tastes good. Very cold is the only way to drink it.


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Just use your blender to puree any foods that you like and normally eat. You can also make smoothies or juice blends, and add anything that you care to. Be careful not to use a straw to drink them though, or you may end up with a dry socket, which can be extremely painful. If you add ice to the drinks, it will feel really good on your healing gums.

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I just had all my upper teeth removed on the 15th of this month 2018. And i have stitches when will i be able to eat pizza, tacos, fried chicken, those type of solid foods?.

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April 24, 2017

I had same day dentures put in 5 weeks ago. The dentist broke them at adjustment. I don't get them repaired for 2 weeks. Can I eat without the dentures?


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You will have to eat very soft foods, or pureed foods.


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I don't see why not. Eat what is comfortable to you like soft foods, soups, and take it slow if needed.


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Yes, soft foods. You will be able to tell what's comfortable for you.


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I invented instant potato soup! Just make some Idahoan spuds with 3 cups of water not 2. Also yogurt, cream of what or maltomeal cereal, milk shakes with some protein powder in them, creamy peanut butter, soft cheeses like laughing cow that almost melt in your mouth. I hope that helps.


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You should be able to eat anything that does not make your gums sore. That means it will have to be soft but you can do well cooked vegetables (maybe massed), noodles, some soups, instant potatoes, well cooked/smashed Idaho potatoes (carrots). All kinds of instant foods (grits, cereal, potatoes). Almost any kind of cooked eggs. Gelatin, cooked/instant puddings, ice cream/yogurt for dessert.
Do you have a blender or food processor? You may even want to use one of these for a while after you get your dentures back. There are all kinds of foods that would work if you have one (thrift stores often have these very cheap). Milkshakes - add powdered protein or other things like fruit, even vegetables.

Here is a great site for blender recipes:

Here is good site for new denture wearers:

Most dentists recommend rinsing your mouth with warm salt water after each meal.

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January 11, 2019

Can I eat a week after having my teeth pulled?


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You should be able to, but I would check with the dentist


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I am concerned if you have not eaten in a week. Are you still having pain, bleeding? Shame on your dentist for not giving you clear directions. Please call their office ASAP and find out what their protocols are. If your dentist is not open, see if your insurance provider has a 24 hour nurse line and get their feedback. Be sure to tell them of any issues you are having, including swelling, pain, bleeding, redness, etc. No matter what, you need to stay hydrated so be sure to drink water at a temperature that you can tolerate (room temperature is what works best for me after any dental procedures, but that is just me. Post back what you learn. Sending up healing prayers!!!


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You say "having my teeth pulled" - does that mean all your teeth getting ready for dentures? Or just several teeth?

I only ask because I cannot image a dentist not giving clear instructions on what was best to eat along with a future appointment date.

Generally it is best to eat soups and very soft food that will not get "caught" in any tiny crevice that may start some bleeding.

If you do not have an appointment in a couple of days then I would call their office on Monday and ask for specific instructions according to the type of work you had done as well as what is planned in the future.

In the meantime eat plenty of soft foods as well as soups and drink a lot of water and juices.


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January 23, 20190 found this helpful

oh absoultely! We had a tooth pulled here and he was eating the very next day.

You just want to make sure to keep the area clean and drain it if necesary, gargle with H2O2 possibly but definitely eat something

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June 24, 2013

What foods I can eat now after I have had my front teeth and my eye tooth pulled? I now have 10 teeth left. I need to know what is available for me to eat as I now have diarrhea from the lack of the right foods for me to eat. Just wanting to know.

By Doyle R. from Hot Springs, AR


June 25, 20130 found this helpful

For many years all I had to eat with was all broken off teeth and/or roots. I ate everything. When I got the money to have everything pulled and get dentures. Right after the extractions I ate baby food, mainly the fruits, because I thought the veggies and other stuff was gross.

You can eat anything that is soft, mashed potatoes, soups, hamburger, and to make that even softer, make it into meat balls or meat loaf. You should be able to eat bread, you could mix tuna, with some sweet relish and mayo and have tuna sandwiches. Before I had my teeth pulled, when they were all broken off, I was able to eat everything, just like normal, including popcorn.

Even now twenty plus years after getting dentures, I can eat almost anything I want including popcorn, with or without the dentures. The only things I can't eat are raw celery (if it is in a hot dish, it's OK), radishes, raw cauliflower and raw broccoli. Really you should be able to eat almost anything, that is cooked.

I don't think your diarrhea is caused by not eating the right foods, you might have picked up some kind of bug. Until your mouth heals, you probably won't be able to eat things like steak, roast, etc. Otherwise you should be able to eat almost anything.

June 8, 20160 found this helpful

Mashed cauliflower with cheese sauce

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June 5, 2013

What are some things I can eat after having 2 teeth pulled?

By Audrey A from AZ


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June 7, 20130 found this helpful

When I had new dentures put in, I invented Instant Potato Soup. It's Idahoan spuds, I like the four cheese, with twice the water. It's smooth and easy to eat. Milkshakes, broth and other things that are easy to get into you without chewing will help till everything heals. Remember, you might be hungry and can't eat steak and carrots now, but it will be in short hiatus from your fav' food.

August 16, 20150 found this helpful

At 65, still working and with some decent insurance I went to a border town to have some extensive work done. The last of my ten teeth out (ready to break and fall out, but no decay) and I had 8 implants. What to eat was my biggest issue. The Doctor insisted on a "liquid diet" for the first 4 weeks, minimum. I had a friend who'd been through something similar who told me my blender would become my best friend. It has.

Two things I've tried that worked well. Cook Top Ramen noodles per directions but do not use the seasoning packet. Instead, while the water is still boiling add a can of condensed chicken noodle soup, toss it all in a blender let it rip. It was great.

My doctor is high on veggies and chicken so last night I did a Marie Calender chicken pot pie. It has lots of chicken, carrots, I added some pees and potatoes. I cooked the pot pie, put it in the blender with the extra ingredients (cooked) and let it rip. I used milk to loosen it up a bit, but not quite a soup. All the flavors were there, it was amazing.

Tonight I am going to try a doctored New England clam chowder. The soup calls for milk so I am going to cook (poach) 1lb of cut up fish (cod) in the milk bring to just below a boil, being careful not to scorch the milk, it just takes a couple of minutes to cook the fish. When the fish is flaky I will add the soup to the fish/milk and bring it back to a point just before a boil. I'll put all that in a blender, along with some bay shrimp and let the blender rip.

Give it some thought, be inventive and use the things you love to eat. My dentist told me to avoid any soda, red meat, eat lots of veggies and fruit. Fish and chicken are a great......full of positive healing properties. Good luck and here's to a quick and comfortable (as it can be) healing process.

July 17, 20200 found this helpful

It's better to consult your dentist before eating. I myself don't ever do this not until after 2 hours.

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March 28, 2017

After having your teeth pulled, you may have a very restricted diet until your gums heal. This is a page about foods I can eat after having my teeth pulled.

A bowl of well cooked chicken noodle soup.

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