Treating a Rash in Skin Folds

July 13, 2007

Baby's arm with prickly heat rash in fold of arm.I am looking for relief for a yeast/fungal rash under my breast and in the fold of my leg. Has anyone experienced this and what did you use to get rid of the rash?


az2010 from Easthampton, MA


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If you are overweight , then you need to get down to a healthy weight because obesity increases insulin resistance and predisposes to fungal infections. the folds of the skin are moist, dark and lack air. This is an ideal place for yeast to grow out of control. All people have yeast on our skin and body, but it can get out of control. Take antibiotics only when absolutely necessary and increase your hygiene when you do, using the creams for prevention. Eat more yogurt and sauerkraut because fermented foods keep bacterial counts normal so fungus does not take over. If you get rid of bacteria by antibacterial hand washing and cleaning agents, fungus overgrows. Plain soap and water are sufficient. Avoid antibacterial anything. Use alcohol based hand washes when out.


Air those parts by exposing them to air as much as possible, Wear light under clothing that is absorbent and easily washed. Cotton panties are a must. snip the crotch out of panty hose if they are covered with nylon. if you stay inside the seams they will not run. Use a hair dryer on cool to the affected parts when at home. Use anti-fungal creams-can buy at the dollar store-and put on the areas twice daily. Then shake athlete's foot powder, antifungal powder or any absorbent powder on top. Dry your skin thoroughly after showering and if you sweat-use a clean dry hand towel to remove moisture. Wash towels daily in hot water, borax, and rinse in vinegar. Dry in the sun or dryer till bone dry. Do this daily and for 2 months after the rash clears to keep it from coming back. After that maintain very good hygiene and think dry, dry, dry. Avoid sugar, sugar drinks, cashews, sweets to keep a good weight and also because sugar in your blood cause yeast infections to occur in all susceptible places. After work or at home wear a light shift or loose cotton pants and a loose cotton top.


I use hand towels in the summer to dry off since regular towels take up so much space in the dryer and I like a clean towel for each shower. 5-6 hand towels equal one thick towel and can be laundered frequently. Thick towels add up and are not necessary. This works. Let me know how you are doing.

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One does not have to be overweight to have this problem, only large busted. I have found after my daily shower if I use Gold Bond Medicated Powder, it takes care of it. There is also a generic brand that works just as well! Also avoid as much sugar as you can, it feeds yeast!

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Until you get down to a reasonable weight try any of the following :
1. After a shower, dry off and put some anti-fungal cream in the folds of your skin where you are likely to get a yeast rash.


2. No time for a shower use baby wipes/wet wipes during the day to stay fresh and keep a yeast rash from getting worse.

3. Get empty squirt bottle and fill it with 1 part white vinegar 2 parts water and splash it on after you shower or anytime during the day that you feel sweaty. If it irritates your skin use less vinegar and more water (1:6 ratio) or use anti-fungal cream.

Incidentally keeping all these things, (anti-fungal creams, wet wipes and vinegar splash), nice and cold in the refrigerator will help stop the itchiness you get sometimes with a yeast rash, the same as a cold shower stops itchiness.

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October 21, 2017

I am currently being treated for pneumonia with z-pack, albuterol inhaler, steroids, cough syrup, and Diflucan. My question is being on these meds, how am I developing a skin fold (underside of fat roll) sore? Shouldn't the steroids and diflucan be clearing it up if not completely?

I do take other daily meds, but the doc says they're non-threatening to this problem (pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc.).

I've used Desitin, AD ointment, peroxide, alcohol, nystatin cream, and Gold Bond powder. What's the deal? Also, is there any coincidence that it always appears on the left side of the under-belly?
Anyand all help is appreciated!
God Bless!


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I get them too. A few years back a pharmacist recommended I go to the Dollar Tree and get some athletes foot cream. It has the same ingredients as the expensive stuff.


I have never bought anything cheaper but more importantly, better. Almost instant relief. I hope you try it as it will help.

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I had that problem for years - tried everything. I finally realized one day that since it's the sweat that causes the rashes, I needed to find a way to keep it dry. Powders and such don't do any good - they become wet too. So I went out and got an anti-perspirant deodorant.


Problem solved. Never had that problem again. I worked for years with the elderly and disabled and recommended it many times. (This is after all. a very common problem.) Once anti-perspirant was applied the problem always went away.

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The area under my stomach can get very sweaty and eventually sore, sometimes at the drop of a hat. Using Cetaphil cleanser helps, and dusting the area with Anti Monkey Butt powder helps a lot, usually after just one application. Gold Bond powder helps a bit, but the Anti Monkey Butt is excellent. Nystatin powder just seems to irritate the area more.

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November 16, 2020

This is some kind of rash under my right breast. It is very sensitive to the touch. Any idea of what this is! I might be able to figure it out if I have an idea of what it is

A rash on a chest.
A rash on a chest.


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There's been SO much written about this on an AgingCare site I belong to. I myself had this. It is common, either caused by friction or dampness. You MUST stay dry there. I'll list some of the remedies from the AgingCare. #1 - keep dry. wash daily. Don't wear a bra that will irritate. Get air to the area. Use a fungal cream. Plain yogurt patted on is a quick antifungal, but hold up your affected area so it will dry. Wear loose clothing. Expose to sunlight; if you have privacy, go topless or wear a crop top. Use an antibiotic ointment to prevent a secondary infection. Ointment is soothing. YOu'll see rapid improvement, but it's pretty bad so give it a lot of time. Obviously you are prone to this so don't let it become advanced. You can use cornstarch under the breast to reduce friction and to absorb moisture. Lots of people said to use Gold Bond, which makes several different useful powders. You can use a combination of the preceding on the first day in fact. Stay well hydrated. And, you could have a yeast infection, so avoid sugar for awhile, as yeast thrives on sugar, pasta, white bread; avoid yeasty fermented foods. What have you tried already? I would boost your immunity by taking a probiotic capsule daily. Plain yogurt has some probiotics, in case you can't buy probiotic capsules.

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August 13, 2020

I have been diagnosed with intertrigo of the genital area. It's been hard to get a doctor's help during the pandemic. I have tried lots of different creams, etc. and am currently using a prescription cream from the doctor. It's been five days now and no change.

The stinging is so bad, it makes me cry and keeps me up at night. What can I do to stop the pain so I can live and do normal life. It's getting me so low and depressed. I am my breaking point. Can anyone help?


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It is really important if you are using a cream from a doctor that you talk to that person or someone in his/her office to get feedback ASAP.

Many doctors are not doing in person visits, but are doing phone and video visits. If you are not able to schedule something like that, does your insurance have a 24 hour nurse line? Look on the back of your card and see--or call their member/customer services number and ask if they have that kind of free service. You can call that line and ask the nurse to help you and work with your doctor to get answers.

Please do not take medical guidance from a non-medical person or anyone who does not know your entire medical history.

This is critical because what works for someone else can harm you if you have underlying conditions or take other medications that they don't. We had a friend suggest something to a family member who was treating for the same condition he was and if he would have followed that advice he could have died because the treatment that person suggested was in direct contraindication to a medication he was on. Thank G-d he mentioned it in an off hand comment and I knew enough to warn him NOT to take it until he talked to his doctor.

Prayers for your health and wellness and solutions!

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You can look for sites that show home treatment for this problem and your pharmacist can also offer suggestions.
Suggestions to try:
Keep area as clean and dry as possible.
Do not use any type of cream, lotion, soap that has any trace of perfume.
Always gently pat dry - do not rub.
Use some sort of anti-fungal cream (athletes foot cream is okay). Cover the entire area with this cream (just cover well but not excessive).
Cover this cream with zinc oxide (this is sold in several forms but can also be found in the 'baby' aisle as Desitin) but ask pharmacist.
Zinc sticks on your hands and clothes but will wash off.
This treatment should last for several hours (all night) if you are not exposed to extremely hot conditions.
Repeat when needed but wash area carefully as it is not necessary to remove every trace of ointment.

Hopefully, this will give you some relief and start some healing.
After a couple of days you can use a 1% hydrocortisone cream instead of the anti-fungal cream but still use the zinc oxide as a barrier to preservation/moisture.

If not feeling/looking better in a couple of days you should make arrangements to see a dermatologist.

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April 19, 2010

I have red rash in the crease of my chin which becomes red and itchy and it burns, too. I also see skin peeling. What is it? yeast ? fungus? or skin disease?

By mk from St. Paul, MN


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Sounds like yeast, otherwise known as candida. You can try a weak solution of white vinegar or iodine. They both sting, but they will heal it, stop the itching & disinfect it; both of these kill candida.

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I would go to a dermatologist.

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May 27, 2020

Are heat lamps good to treat intertrigo?


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First and foremost - I do not believe anyone on this site is qualified to offer/suggest any type of medical treatment.

Since intertrigo is primarily a skin disorder you may find some helpful information online that will help you decide if or when your condition is serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor.

Since this problem can occur in several different areas of the body you will have to adjust to the best method for your personal problem.

I work with a volunteer group that visits 'shut ins' and I see this condition quite often. I have seen different methods work but if you find one is working then try to stick with that method.
You can try to keep the area dry as much as possible and some people fold thin white pieces of cloth in the folds to help keep the area dry. Changing them often.
If you live alone you can try methods that you may not wish to use if other people are around.

As to heat lamps - I have never heard or read of anyone doing this and it may be more heat than you need.
If you're looking to dry the area perhaps a fan or more controllable hair dryer would be preferred.

I can relate some of the measures suggested for this skin rash but please understand that any suggestion is a temporary thing and a rash should be watched carefully to make sure it is healing properly and if not then make a doctor's appointment - you can see a regular GP or a dermatologist.

"Use a fan or blow dryer on the cool setting to air out the skin fold.
Use a soft towel to gently dry the area several times a day.
Wear clothing made of moisture-wicking fabric (cotton).
Wear loose clothing to avoid trapping moisture against the skin."

" mild topical steroid like 1% hydrocortisone cream, which is available without a prescription (over the counter, or OTC), and then covered with zinc oxide paste (Desitin)."
You can read some online medical information pertaining to this problem:

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March 8, 2017

I have a red line in the crease of my left side groin fold that burns. I normally use organic cornstarch (guy) dustings each morning. Yesterday I opened a new box of the same product and dusted.

By evening the condition flared up. I used cold compress last night and cut a strip of gauze to put in fold at bed time. Any suggestions?

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October 6, 2012

Can fat-fold fungal/yeast skin infection pass through to the hip joint?

By J-Alice8


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October 8, 20120 found this helpful
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Not sure if it can pass through the hip joint, but fungal / yeast infections are systemic, meaning that they are throughout the body, although they often surface in an isolated area. The best way to rid yourself of a problem is to change your diet. Medication will work on the area the infection surfaced, but a change of diet will take care of the root problem. By the way, you must stay on the diet after you feel better, because if you go back to your regular eating habits, the infection will again return.

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May 30, 2015

I get this sore right on my waistline in the front. I have a gut on me and think I get these because I'm fat. The waistband on my underwear makes it hurt.

It looks like a zit or something and hurts really bad. Sometimes it actually bruises up. What do I do?

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August 11, 2019

I have got a rash under my belly. It's sore. It's quite a bad rash. I think it is a sweat rash. I only found it tonight cos it was itchy.

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October 22, 2018

After clearing up the rash from a a body yeast infection, the itching is terrible. Does anyone know what to do that will get rid of it? It's under my breast, stomach, and small tummy roll!

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March 7, 2014

I have had, for 1 week, a thin red rash under my breast in the crease. I was given an antifungal cream. It has cleared up some of it, but some of it seems to be peeling off. It is not on the breast at all, just the crease. I have used the medication since Monday evening, so about 4 days. Is the peeling normal, and is it a fungal infection?



March 7, 20140 found this helpful

Try something like one of the diaper rash creams.

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