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Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I am looking for relief for a yeast/fungal rash under my breast and in the fold of my leg. Has anyone experienced this and what did you use to get rid of the rash?


az2010 from Easthampton, MA


Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

On clean dry skin, apply Gold Bond Medicated powder, or vaginal yeast cream (store brands are fine). (07/13/2007)

By MimiNflorida

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Mexana Medicated powder works wonders! You can find these right next to the Gold Bond in any store. (07/13/2007)

By Andjerm

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I absolutely swear by Gold Bond powder. Wal-Mart has a generic form of it that costs a little less and it works equally as well. (07/13/2007)

By Robin

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

If it's a Yeast infection, it will be easier to get rid of than if it's a Fungus. (they are in the same family, but different). The most important thing you can do is to wash the area 2 or 3 times a day, making sure one of the times is a bath or shower. Then dry it well, either by blow drying or with paper towels or hand towels or wash clothes, that you bleach each time you use them. This avoids you re-infecting yourself or infecting someone else. Keeping the area as dry as possible really helps!


If it's a fungus, then apply Lamisil anti-fungal ointment to the area. It may take a month to get rid of the nasty fungus... but if you see no change in 2 weeks, you can try other options. One extra option is to add just a tinybit of bleach (about 1 Tablespoon) to your bath water. This will help kill any yeast or fungus germs & also help to dry the area too.

One more great help would be if you could give up sugar until it's gone. (Yeast thrive on sugar).

Also, do NOT buy the cheep "Fungus Remedies" or fungus ointments at the Dollar stores as there is a considerable amount of Counterfeiting in China, & odds are if you buy meds at the Dollar Store, they coming from China & you won't be getting meds at all, just plain ointment! (I just heard a guy on NPR talk about this problem) and don't think the US FDA is testing these when they arrive in the States... They are severely understaffed!


Another thing: Keep your hands away from it, & if you DO tough it, wash your hands immediately, or you could spread this fungus/yeast infection to other parts of your body. Fresh air is best (when you can). So if it's "in the fold of your leg" then try to wear shorts... Under your breast, just keep the area as dry as you can.

> If it's "Yeast" then Gold Bond medicated power might work (at least it helps keep the area dry) Or, better yet is the Vaginal Yeast Cream, but as I said, if it's a "Fungus" then you'll probably have to use an anti-fungal cream (like Lamisil).

* I had a fungus infection on my face for several years, This was persistent. I had to bleach & change my pillowcase daily & Disinfect my phone (because it touches my face), I had to use care & not re-infect my make-up, & 'I've tried every brand of Anti-fungal there is on the market. But, the washing 3 times a day (especially when it's hot out) was the biggest help. The power sounds like a good idea to use once or twice daily, When the fungus is gone, but until then, I'd use a medicine especially for fungus. The reason I recommend "Lamisil" Brand is that countless Doctors & Pharmacists have told me it's the best one out there (& it used to be prescription only).


Here's what a MD that is also a Naturopath told me about Fungus Infections:

"Fungus infections can be extremely hard to get rid of. Keep using the Anti-Fungal for 2 weeks AFTER you think it's gone.... When you THINK the fungus is gone, it usually takes 2 more weeks for what's under the skin to come through & be killed...& you need to use the medication 2 weeks after that. In other words, it's best to keep using the medication for 1 month after you think it's gone, as this will get rid of it for sure! Otherwise, it may keep coming back" (& this is what happened to me)

* There's lots of different kinds of Fungal infections out there. If your's is persistent, & you have a good liver, you can get a perscription for an ORAL anti-fungal. These come with all kinds of side effects, so avoid oral anti-fungal pills if you can.


* If you had a Vaginal yeast infection, I'd tell you to use plain un-flavored/un-sweetened YOGURT, because the good bacteria in yogurt kills off the yeast.

* As far as the fungus on my face goes, it makes me thing twice every time I see a make-up artist working on Hollywood Stars, I think about how they can spread fungus infections from person to person because they re-use the same make-up on each new person! (07/13/2007)

By Cyinda

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Simple remedy for me was to cut way back on sugary foods, and yeast filled foods. That means I don't eat a lot of bread and I don't drink sugary sodas, or eat a lot of desserts. I don't have to deprive myself at all, just watch the amounts and combinations. I also make sure that during the times when I have eaten more than I should have of these items, I also eat a good amount of yogurt.


Another easy "cure" is to go to your local health food store and get some acidophiles capsules. There are other ingredients, but I can't remember what they are. Basically they are the same bacterias that are in yogurt but in an easy to take capsule. If you have a weight problem as I do, yeast could be a big problem in that area, because if you think about it, yeast is what makes bread dough rise. It can make our bodies bigger as well. Check with your health food store owner.

Once I realized what breads and sugars were doing and caught on to the problem, I rarely have this problem at all anymore, even without the yogurt.

By Cynthia

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Tea tree oil is a classic remedy for fungus. It has a bit of an antiseptic smell, and since the skin absorbs it quickly, the scent doesn't usually last too long.

You have to be careful, though, some brands are made for direct skin contact and suggest dilution.

A very effective brand is Nature's Sunshine. I've always gotten good results with their tea tree oil.

Good luck. (07/14/2007)

By wildwoodwaitress

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Vicks Vaporub! (07/15/2007)

By gurth

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

After you wash the area let the air at it as much as you can, I know easier said than done, maybe lie down on your bed and have a read for a while with a nice cool fan turned on.

Two other things:

1. Put some natural live yoghurt on it and leave it there for a while, as often as you can.

2. After you wash make sure you dry off really well, without too much rubbing, then lightly dust the area with either a medicated powder or unscented baby powder.

By Ann S

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Oh dear, my mum suffers with this too. As others have suggested, anti-fungal cream, but use just a little bit of it.

A cotton bra helps, or strips of cotton fabric (say from an old cut up white undershirt or white T-shirt) tucked under your bra to absorb perspiration. Wash and dry the area well, and then wash the towel, as the fungus is now on the towel, don't re-infect yourself or try your toes (or elsewhere) with it!

If possible, lay down after a shower and let "the girls" get some fresh air! Good Luck! (07/18/2007)

By Sundays Child

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

My doctor suggested I put white vinegar on a sterile pad and gently apply to the area. It will sting but it will work miracles. He also emphasized the importance of keeping the area dry at all times. (07/18/2007)

By Janet

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I spray a mist of 3%hydrogen peroxide, it may get warm and even bubble, This takes the itch out right away and the red is gone the next day, I don't know if I have the same thing that you have , this sure takes care my problem. (07/18/2007)


Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Surgeon's Skin Secret is an awesome product. After the rash clears up, if you use this, it should help against getting the rash back. I've used it myself with great results. (07/18/2007)

By Vivian

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

My friend's toddler had a yeast infection on his bottom. She bathed him in the tub, adding a cup of vinegar to the water. Then she powdered well. In a week his rash was gone. (07/18/2007)

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

My son and I have had problems with this off and on. Oh so painful and annoying!
First ease up on white flour and sugar.
I use monostat vaginal Cream or athletics foot cream, which ever is cheaper at the first sign of redness in folds. that usually takes care of it after a day or two.( Do not use the spray kind! ouch!)

My sons infection got so bad we had to get a steroidal anti-fugal cream from the MD.
What I use for prevention is that I glide antiperspirant and deodorant in skin folds every day after shower and folds dried well.Do not do this during inf though. I learned this as a nurse We do this with obese patients. Keep areas clean and dry.

By Tami Reed

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

After bathing, apply Johnson's Diaper Cream and then Johnson's Baby Powder. If the Johnson's Diaper Cream is too hard to find, Desitin works great, but is smelly. Are you sure it's yeast/fungus? It could just be a heat rash. When it is well, dust with Baby Powder after every shower. (07/18/2007)

By Noella

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

There's a new line product on market by Monistat that includes a sports cream, spray and also a good powder for folds that helped me. I also use "glide" sports stick behind my knees arm pits to counter any rubbing. (07/18/2007)

By sallbill

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Shower daily, then use vinegar in those areas.

By Dorie

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I have that problem occasionally and I always use an an anti bacterial cream. (like Neo-Sporin) It is gone the next day. I've never hand it under my breast, (always wear a bra or these babies would be down past my waist by now) My problem is under my fat roll on my stomach if I sit too long. (07/18/2007)

By duckie43

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I work in a pharmacy store and I asked the pharmacist and she said lamacil for athletes foot or anti fungal cream. Also I use deodorant on all the parts. (07/18/2007)

By craftylady31

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Whatever you use to clear it up there are two things you can do to keep it from reoccurring. Wash that area with dandruff shampoo, rinse well, and use a hair dryer to get it really dry. Just using a towel is not enough. (07/18/2007)

By Lois

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

This is going to sound weird to you but it works and I do it every day.. Get your rash healed up first, wear only cotton bras and what I do is use my deodorant stick under my boobs and under any rolls. This keeps you from getting sweaty there and you will not have a rash anymore. I work outside all day and this works for me. Give it a try what do you got to lose? (07/18/2007)

By candleglows

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I've had the same problem - yeast infections under my breasts and in between the rolls of fat on my belly. You'll have to go to your doctor because it's a prescription, but Nystatin cream works wonderfully. Use dusting powder on the areas when the infection is gone to help prevent it from reoccurring. (07/18/2007)

By Lynette from NJ

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I work in a pharmacy and we have clients who order a powder named Zasorb. It seems to do a good job of keeping the wetness in check. I too suffer from the under breast syndrome of many women; and I have used deodorant under the breasts and found it works well. Good Luck on your quest for "dryness" (07/18/2007)

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

On dry skin, apply dry Maizena. It works wonders! (07/19/2007)

By gurth

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Go to the doctor ASAP! I don't mean to alarm you but there is a form of breast cancer that acts like a rash that does not heal. Please don't be frugal with your health.

Check out these sites for more information:


By Diana

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I take vinegar pills. that seems to keep it in check. You sure have gotten a lot of feedback. I do have a lot of fat folds. and i have used athletes foot powder all over, and sprayed antiperspirant. (07/19/2007)

By sandy63

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Hey Mimi, I have the same problems, we may not have the same reasons. I weigh 250, and falling thank goods. I was large breasted until I breast feed 4 and gravity got the best of them. During a mamagram the area below the breast was raw, wet and had an odor, beyond embarrassed I told the doctor this was a recurring problem. She said there were prescriptions she could give me but she said the best and the cheapest way to fix the problem was to shower, dry the area with a towel, the blow dry the area on a low setting for a few minutes.

Once dry spray area with Lotramin Athletes Foot Fungal Spray. She said the reason that the area gets this way is the same as Athletes Foot. Now if the area is raw and red it will sting once dried it stops stinging. It clears up fast. At the first sign of redness or extra wetness spray area to stop it before getting worse. You can do the same for other areas, just be sure to cover vaginal area with a towel if you are spraying in hip/thigh area. (07/19/2007)

By dpool from Memphis

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

1. After showering, dry completely--the advice to use a dryer is right on target, if that's feasible. Lie on your back on your bed to air dry.
2. Scrub with a paste made of baking soda and a little water. Let this dry in place, and leave it be.
3. When everything's dry again, apply a solid, dry antiperspirant to kill germs and keep the environment dry.

When all's healed up, keep doing steps #1 and #3 daily to prevent recurrence. There are yeasts living in the air all around us, all the time, and any warm, moist environment is a welcome home for them to inhabit and thrive. Normally, bacteria and yeast compete in a balanced way, so that neither takes over and causes problems for you. If you're having trouble with yeasts in general, try eating more yogurt. (Plain yogurt--unsweetened--can also be used topically for very early, mild vaginal yeast infections, btw.)

Note- I'm not a doctor, and my advice shouldn't replace your physician's. I'm just a mom who's been there, reads a lot, and has learned how to take care of lots of simple health problems without spending lots of money. ;) (07/19/2007)

By sterghe

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I also agree with the medicated powder. I tried regular talcum powder but that failed. Gold bond or the equivalent worked for me! (07/19/2007)

By Jane

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

90-Use hemorrhoid ointment. It takes away the pain and I use it all the time.(07/20/2007)

By Irene

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Cornstarch is the best. I'm sure most everyone has some in their kitchen. I put it in an empty bottle and punched holes in the top so it could be sprinkled on just like talcum powder. My doctor said this was better than even Gold Bond medicated powder because there is no fragrance or other additives added as most powders have, even the medicated ones. Always wash the rash infected area well and dry, then powder away. Works great for me. Hope this will be helpful. (07/26/2007)

By Karen

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I had the same problem for two summers and then this summer I got the guts up to ask my aunt who also has large breasts.

She told me its just like Jock itch and that i should go and get a cream called clotrimazole. I used the no brand ointment and found it next to the foot cream for athletes foot.

The tube said it can be used for both.

I put it on twice a day (morning after i cleaned the area with soap and water in the shower and at night)

It cleared up within a week. I was also told to change my bras daily to prevent it from being reinfected, which I had not been doing.

I went out and bought seven new bras so I change them daily now.

She also told me to use a new washcloth to clean it daily and to dry it until it gets cleared up.

She also recommended washing my bras and wash clothes and towels in hot water to kill the yeast spores.

Once it cleared she told me to put baby oil on after i get out of the shower and have dried off.

The babyoil seems to work I put I put it on under my breasts and arms before I put on my deodorant. It seems to create a barrier on the skin.

I have not had any problems for about 2 months now and its been very hot here. (08/04/2007)

By Julie

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Yeast Infection under the breast and or in skin folds is usually moist and powder doesn't work, when the skin is moist. It will cake up. Starch will let yeast infection grow to become more severe. Nystatin Cream, is very good for it. So would be putting gauze in the folds and under the breasts to keep from getting moist again. (08/07/2008)

By Rolling

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Change your diet too. A high sugar diet allows the yeast to thrive. Caffeine can also make things worse. Take pro-biotics or eat sugar-free yogurt to increase friendly bacteria. (08/14/2008)

By Jane D.

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

I am currently dealing with the same dilemma. That is until I started using an anti-fungal athlete's foot "spray powder". It's the same kind of infection and it sprays on but turns into a very light powder that doesn't cake or paste up. I started using it 1 week ago twice a day, and the rash is completely gone! The discoloration is gone, no scratching all day. And yes I've started making sure I air dry thoroughly and bleach my washing clothes and bras in hot water. (09/05/2008)

By 911 Emergency

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

For the first time in my life, I developed a very red rash on the crease of my bottom, with the typical red raised bumps and white that indicates a yeast infection. Of course I was horrified. I have been treating it for a month now, and one little patch remains. I put hydrogen peroxide on it and alcohol, as well as vinegar and cornstarch. Am I in the going in the right direction? There is just a little bit left, about the size of half a dime, which is quite lessened but still won't seem to go away. I have been avoiding exercise so as not to stimulate growth. Can you exercise with this type of problem? (11/09/2008)

By sunnyteacher

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

After bath or shower dry completely, than I use Pure Petroleum Jelly rub,also known as Vaseline use where you have rash. works great. All natural. You can purchase at the dollar stores cheaper. Mary (05/31/2009)

By mnmswhoa

Yeast Rash In Skin Folds

Use coconut oil. You only need a small amount. Use it in the folds of your thighs and under breasts. It does not stain clothes. Also to knock down the yeast in the bowel track limit intake of sugars and breads and fermenting things (alcohol) and buy grapefruit seed extract. It does not interfere with blood pressure medications and can be purchased at health food store. Put five drops into a glass cover with orange juice and chug it. It is bitter the orange juice will disguise its taste. It also comes in a nasal spray. Great for sinus problems. (10/29/2010)

By capemayers

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October 24, 20160 found this helpful

I've had these problems for years and one day I rubbed some anti-perspirant under my breasts (sort of made sense to me) and problem solved. No more rashes.

BTW - several people started by telling her to lose weight. That's not what she asked. She asked for a solution to her problem. And, as someone pointed out, you don't need to be overweight to have such problems.

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October 24, 20160 found this helpful

THERE IS ONLY ONE SIMPLE THING TO DO ... get a prescription for an antifungal creme from your MD.. or try products from store for fungal infections..... you do not have to be overweight to have this problem !!

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