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Replacing Trim and Molding in a Mobile Home

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We live in a double-wide and the trim needs to be replaced! Does anyone have any experience with the Styrofoam crown molding? I would appreciate tips on using it as well as trimming baseboards and door facings in the mobile home.

Beth from Lexington, OK



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By Glenn C.08/17/2013

Yes, replacing mobile home trim can be a nightmare. It is hard to find studs and miss nailing into wires. Creative Crown have a very good styrofoam crown molding.
Check them out. They should be able to help you. Their molding is easy to cut and install.

By Dianne (Guest Post)04/05/2008

Great prices on mobile home supplies including trim and moulding!

By Memere (Guest Post)01/11/2008

Try going to a supply store specifically for Mobile Homes. If you live in an area where mobile homes are common, there should be at least one store in your vicinity. They can advise you as to the best materials to use and what will stand up and what won't. If what they sell is too pricey for you, go either to a home style store (i.e. Lowes) or do a search online for companies that sell the products you will need.

By Michele (Guest Post)01/11/2008

Lorilie is correct about it denting/breaking...BUT we remodeled our single wide home with it and have had good luck. If you have small children or animals it might damage easy. We have teenagers and cats and haven't had problems. Just make sure if you use it you secure it well to the wall and cut the joints correctly for a good fit. We have used it around doorways, chair rail, and baseboards.

Good luck

By Myrna [15]01/10/2008

Styrofoam crown molding is easily cracked or broken and dented. I'd try some other type before replacing old molding with the same stuff even if it means only being able to do a room or two until later.

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