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Water Puddling Under Crisper Drawers

Refrigerator problem. Water accumulates daily on floor of refrigerator beneath crisper drawers. There is enough each day to have to use a bath towel to remove. What could be causing this?

By njohnson2884 from St. Augustine, FL

Recent Answers

By Betty [104]09/12/2009

I had the same problem. The repairman went inside the freezer compartment and a drain was clogged and something was frozen. It was just a minor repair.

By anne [38]09/11/2009

We just got rid of the same problem! My husband removed the back of he refrigerator and cleaned off everything that was visible--a lot of dust and dirt--and we have not had any recurrence of water. So glad we did not have to replace the whole unit, as it is only about 5 years old.

By Mark09/09/2009

It sounds like you have a clogged drain line. Can you see if your drain hose is blocked or kinked? Have you moved the unit recently? This happened to me and I was able to clear the line and have not had any problems since then. Believe it or not, it just drains into a pan under the unit and the fan blows over it evaporating it into the air. Who know. Maybe this link will help you some. ... /1260-water-bottom-refrigerator.html

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