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Removing Haze From Wood Flooring


Any ideas to removing cloudiness from manufactured wood floors that is probably caused by Orange Glow hardwood floor cleaner?

Edinmarietta from Marietta, GA



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By Marty Dick 166 965 06/28/2008 Flag

I use Windex for many things... thanks for this info. Since I only have 2 old people to clean after I have found that hot water and my Libman wonder mop work fine on all my floor surfaces. I have to be careful about odors because DH coughs at the drop of a hat.

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By Martha (Guest Post) 06/30/2008 Flag

Just last week I found on ThriftyFun a huge amount of info about OrangeGlo and many people were having same problem. There were many postings - don't see them here and don't know how to go back to them now. But there was definitely a lot of info on how to get rid of problems other than Windex. Perhaps the moderators can find a link to it!

<b>Editor's Note</b> I think it is this article's feedback you are referring to:

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By Ed Gunther 1 1 07/01/2008 Flag

In addition to Orange Glo caught someone about to use Murphy's Oli Soap on them. What a mess that would be.

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By Mark (Guest Post) 01/05/2009 Flag

On new hardwood floors, they have an aluminum oxide finish. Using soaps or oils does nothing except put a dry coat of crud on it. I have tried nearly everything (vinegar, soaps, just water and mop, etc), on my new floors, and the ONLY thing that leaves them streak free and looking like they did when they came out of the package is Windex. I wa amazed, as Windex has a small amount of soap in it and never worked on my poly floors in the old house. But... just spray and wipe clean. It works because of the aluminum oxide finish - it's basically a clear, thin metal coating on the floor - if you have ever used Windex on aluminum kitchen items - same thing, same result. On traditional poly floors, Windex shouldn't be used - it will build up on the poly. Use lemon juice and white vinegar mix with hot water, and wipe dry with old towel. If you allow to air dry, you will get streaks.

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By linzie 1 1 06/16/2009 Flag

I have the same problem so I went to the professionals and asked both Lowes and Home Depot they told me to use Bruce Floor Cleaner. As soon as I said I have a grey haze they said orange glow? I yes yep the haze is from wax build up. Over time the bruce cleaner will remove all the build up and the floors will be new again. It's in a green spray bottle not with the other cleaners it's in with the laminate wood floors section. They did say its not an instant result but over time it will work.

if you want something that will work instant like i do. I called in a professional and we are using Bona stone, tile, and laminate floor cleaner ( along with a scrub wright pad and good old fashion elbow grease. Those combinations are removing the wax build up. Once I've done the whole floor a day later the professional says to clean the floors with vingear and water solution then another day later repeat the Bona process. once it's all done use either the Bruce floor cleaner ( ... e/en/us/fc_detail.asp?productId=22.0)or Quick-step quick clean ( ... ?productid=1724&cat=0&page=1).

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Removing Haze From Wood Flooring

Removing dull haze on poly wood floor from Orange Glo.

Jessica from Westminster, MD


RE: Removing Haze From Wood Flooring

Orange Glo has CITRIC ACIDS in it and it's possible that it MAY have
REMOVED polymer from the wood flooring and may even cause
staining from the orange in the product. I would contact a licensed
flooring installer and asked them what you can do. Most of these kinds flooring say to clean with a damp mop or use only soap and water.
Good luck (04/25/2008)

By anbsmommy

RE: Removing Haze From Wood Flooring

I used Johnson's NO BUFF AND WAX from Lowes's. Use a soft cloth to apply evenly. DO NOT USE A SPONGE MOP.
I tried everything, including the vinegar water but that didn't work either. (05/05/2008)


RE: Removing Haze From Wood Flooring

Thanks for the help, I had tried so many things and spent so many hours on my hands and knees, but I finally found my solution. Windex. It took all the haze off and my floors look great.

Thanks again. (05/06/2008)

By Jessica

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