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Looking for Feather Bed Advice


Please tell me about feather beds, the under sheets, the over sheets and how to clean.

Thanks for any help!



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By Dee K. (Guest Post) 11/27/2004

I have had a featherbed on every one of my beds in the house for over 25 years. I absolutely LOVE them. But, I can't stress enough, if you purchase a featherbed, ALWAYS buy the cover for it. It is a zippered giant pillowcase for the bed and is easily removed and cleaned. Even if you use the deep bottom sheets with the featherbed underneath, you still need to have the cover for the featherbed as an added protection, because the featherbed itself is not easily cleaned. I put a mattress cover on the mattress, then the featherbed with cover, then the bottom sheet, top sheet, organic cotton blanket, feather quilt with duvet cover and I'm all set for Winter. We always sleep with the windows open at night, no matter how cold. We hardly ever get colds, flu, etc. Maybe that's the reason???
Hope you enjoy your featherbed, but like I said, spend the extra money for the cover. It will save you in the long run and you will have many, many years of comfort and hardly any hassles.

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By Alice (Guest Post) 12/13/2004

I have done all that,but had a leak that went through both sheet and cover. Should I just toss it and buy another one?

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By jacqueline (Guest Post) 02/15/2005

i need to know how or what to do in order to clean my feather bed, i can't put it inot the wash machine..right?? Do i need to take it to the dry cleaners to be thoroughly cleaned??

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By tara (Guest Post) 02/15/2005

I know this sounds weird but if you can find a washer large enough same with dryer you can wash a fether filled item . I found two fether pillows with all down in them at our local dump site. I took them home and even though they had covers on them they absulutly reaked. I was going to take them back when i decided that what could it hurt to wash them even if they were ruined i was not out any thing so I removed the covers and washed it all in hot soapy water. God they looked like crap when they came out but i was determined to keep trying so i put them in the dryer. It seemed to take forever to dry them and it did but once they were dry they were great and i have been using them ever since! I cant say for a fact that it will work with your bedding because that is much much larger than pillows but if by some chance the bed is completly ruined to the point of throwing it away well why not see if you can find something large enough to wash it in? Make sure when you dry it that you completely dry it. just because you take it out of the dryer and it feels dry dont be fooled wait till it cools down then you can really tell if its dry indeed. hey its better than throwing it out if you cant find any other fix.

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By mandy (Guest Post) 03/25/2005

my feather blanket says dry clean only but i cant afford that so can i wash it in the washing machine.

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By bre (Guest Post) 07/22/2005

without having to put my feather bed in the washer, how do i get a throw up stain out of it?

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By Albert (Guest Post) 08/29/2005

As much as it would benefit you to save money on the cleaning of a featherbed, I would HIGHLY recommend bringing the item back to the seller (if you can) and they should have the resources to have the item thouroughly cleaned.

Down isn't so much a problem as it will clean and fluff pretty good. And considering that mostly pillows are 100% down and for the most part, small; they come out fine in a short amount of time.

Feather BEDS are more of the problem.
The PROBLEM with cleaning it yourself is MOLD.

Mold is easily created and retained in a featherbed and can easily proliferate in such a closed system. This would be recommended especially for the asthmatic persons and pediatric population. Do your research. You get what you put into it.

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By sandy (Guest Post) 09/22/2005

I have called 4 dry cleaners and they won't clean my feather bed,a dn 3 commercial laundormats won;t do it or let me use their machines! I don't want to get rid of it! The only reason I have ot celan it is because my puppy had an accident on the bed!

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By Nikita (Guest Post) 08/06/2006

My mom got me a feather bed for my bed and i let my nephew sleep on my bed to take his nap . We also are potty training him so he wet the bed and it went on to my feather bed. So how do i get it out i need help plz!!

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By Lori (Guest Post) 09/27/2006

I just bought a featherbed and I'm not sure whether to put it under the mattress pad, under the bottom fitted sheet or on top of it....any suggestions?

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By Mary,Ann Leitzel (Guest Post) 12/05/2006

can i use a feather bed on top of a water bed mattress

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By Evy (Guest Post) 02/08/2007

Does the feather bed go on top of the fitted sheet or underneath. and also do you need to buy a special case protector.

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By Elizabeth (Guest Post) 08/21/2007

I have a feather mattress topper and would like to have it cleaned. It costs more to have it cleaned at the cleaners than it costs to buy it from the store. example:$38.00 to buy and $45.00 to have it cleaned proffessionally. Are there any methods of cleaning it at home? Please let me know.

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By really really confused (Guest Post) 07/12/2008

The pee soaked through the sheets, soaked through the feather topper, and soaked into the mattress. I found something on how to clean it out of the mattress with just vinegar and baking soda but on here all of you are just saying put it in the wash if it's a pillow or take it to the dry cleaners or buy the cover, but it's too late for the cover and I can't afford the dry cleaners and my washing machine is small. What do I do?

Editor's Note: You could try hydrogen peroxide on the spots. Once it has soaked in well, use a wet/dry vacuum and vacuum it as well as possible to get all of the liquid out. You could also take the pillow top to a laundromat where they have large machines.

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By Kristy (Guest Post) 10/22/2008

I've had many spills and accidents on my featherbeds over the years. I use borax to clean mine. I sprinkle borax over the "spot", then spray it with a spray bottle filled with water. I then scrub the wet borax around on the spot and let it dry. I repeat the spray, scrub process a few times and let it dry completely, then vaccum off the borax. It will remove all smell from the feather bed and most stains. Putting a large feather bed in your washer can literally ruin your washer as it is just too heavy when wet. It can be cleaned at a laundromat if they have the big machines, again, I would use borax to remove all smell.

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By Anita F. (Guest Post) 01/14/2009

I made a FEATHER BED, BUT the feathers keep working their way out. so you wake up with feathers in your hair. how do I keep them from coming out?

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