Dumplings Heavy, Not Fluffy


What makes dumplings heavy instead of light and fluffy?

By SunshineGal from Yakima Valley


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 08/06/2009

Are you speaking of old fashion dumplings like grand mother's use to make or the drop by spoonful? I roll mine out like grandmother use to do, have no problem, search for both recipes online, good luck.

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By Liz 15 131 08/06/2009

Use more baking soda than the recipe calls for and make sure not to overcook the dumplings. Good luck!

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By Helmut 8 120 08/06/2009

With all light dumplings make sure the liquid you boil them in, is at a wild, rolling boil, and partially cover the pot after
you add a few dumplings. Don't add so many that the boil flattens out.

Draft can also kill them. Ensure that no doors or windows get opened during that part. If you make fruit or meat/veggie core dumplings, make sure the mix is at least hand warm before you fold the dough around it.

Bread or Piza dough is quite reliable and makes much better dumplings than soda cheaters.
Have FUN! DearWebby

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By Toni Clouston 08/07/2009

Add more milk to the recipe. Just a little.

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By Patricia Eldridge 08/07/2009

Also, once you put the dumplings in the boiling liquid, do not stir them.

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By Lynn 2 2 08/07/2009

Thanks for all the response. Actually, my husband loved the heavy dumplings I ended up with once by accident, and I don't know what I did different to make them that way! I drop them from a spoon into boiling stew, cook 10 minutes uncovered and another 10 covered. My dumplings are the quick variety, from Bisquick. Maybe less milk would make them heavier?

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By Ariela 33 265 08/07/2009

My moms Dumplings were always heavy and they were so good! It was all I knew. Then when I married my mom-in-law may light fluffy ones and I wondered what was wrong with them! Needless to say that didnt go over well with my mother in law! lol

But she used Bisquick and my mom made hers from scratch. I still like the heavy ones. The fluffy ones just taste like.. bread. My mom also rolled hers out. I work at a winery-restaurant and they make them home made, but they call them slickers!

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By lindy 1 21 08/11/2009

The only dumplings I ever made were the ones my mom used to make for her vegetable beef and bean soup. They were drop dumplings and she made them out of flour, water, salt, pepper and egg. Boy were they heavy, my brother in law calls them dough balls. She didn't use any measurements. She just put about a cup of flour, a beaten egg, salt and pepper and enough water to make a really thick paste. Than she'd drop them by tablespoonfuls in to the soup at the end and let them go until they floated to the top when you stirred them. One time I made them and they were soggy, not too good that way, they have to be hard.

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