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Having Coffee After a Tooth Extraction

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When can I have coffee after I have had a tooth pulled?

By Kristy from IN


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By metroplex [81]05/28/2010

Ask your dentist!

Don't make decisions like this on your own, you don't know what the heat will do to your mouth.

By Sherri [6]05/28/2010

My daughter is an RDA and she said, No! Please keep the area free from coffee and any fizzy drinks. Do not smoke or use a straw. Drink only tepid drinks for a day or so.

By Louise B. [5]05/28/2010

Ask your dentist when you have the extraction done. I think you can have coffee shortly after, but perhaps only lukewarm, not hot. I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted a couple of years ago, and had soup for supper that night, and I am sure I had coffee the next morning. Coffee is no different from any other liquid, except perhaps water.

By Lisa [2]05/27/2010

I don't personally know the answer to that. Why don't you call your doctor's office and ask them? I think you'll get the best advice/instruction that way.

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