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Creating a King From 2 Twin Beds

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I would like information on making a foam or other kind of strip to connect 2 twin beds, to make them a king. This would bridge the gap. Thank you for any help!

Gail from Tolland, CT



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By Laura (Guest Post)09/19/2007

A king size mattress is two extra long twin mattresses put together. I was told that the warranty would be voided if used put together. This is because the edge of a twin size mattress is not made to be slept on.

By Barbara Petty [13]09/17/2007

There is one of those Bridges in the Penney's catalog.( or there was )I ordered one years ago. It didn't help like I had hoped.
We have those Craftmatic beds.The King bed has two twin mattresses/boxsprings. I hated to purchase twinXL sheets for the bottom mattress.And then a King sheet to go over us both, and a king quilt. It was difficult for me to make the beds.The two slid apart every night. And there was a big crack between them to fall into.Had to move them every day.
So, I purchased one of those miracle foam mattress toppers for $99 at Dillards. Sounds expensive, but was worth it! ( the egg crate ones didn't work well)
Now I use one King sheet set. Being careful to get the ones with the deepest pockets available.The topper helps keep the two together, and the king sheet holds them so they don't move apart. This topper has lasted since 2002.
Those egg crats had to be replaced often.


By lavonneann [4]09/17/2007

All you really need is a foam topper. Over that I put a mattress pad and the fitted sheet held it together. Could never tell it wasn't a full size king mattress.

By Regina Arlauckas [26]09/14/2007

I looked at a website that has a piece you put between. It also looks like they have a strap that runs all the way around the two mattresses to keep them from sliding apart. You could measure and get a long length of webbing strap from a fabric/craft store, and an adjustable buckle so you can loop it around the sides and then cinch it in. Most of the new mattress pads are so padded that it will help with the gap, or one of those eggshell foam covers, and then put the mattress pad over that. But I think the key thing is keeping the two mattresses snugged into each other -then it will just be a little ridge from the mattress edge instead of a gap.

By Pattie Hartley [1]09/14/2007

I personally would put the 2 box springs in a king size frame and then put a heavily padded mattress cover over the two mattresses. Otherwise you might try one of those foam covers (like space foam stuff) that you just put over the top of the entire mattress.

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