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Getting Picky Dog to Eat


I brought home a 4 year old rescue Chihuahua that I had a terrible time getting to eat. After trying bags and bags of dry food and hundreds of cans of wet food, I finally came up with a solution that got him to start eating.

When I couldn't get him to eat, I took the dry food and soaked it in a little water to make it soft and then put it in the food processor. It made his food the same as wet food, but provided a different option for him. Now he eats it both ways.

The vet told me this was good that I thought of this, because he had a bad tooth and the wet food kept the pressure off of it and still allowed him to eat with less pain. Now he's doing great. I feed him Royal Canin Chihuahua 28 food. He likes it a lot. Hope this tip helps some of you out there! Good luck.

By Brenda from Buellton, CA



By Molly 3 26 01/14/2011 Flag

I am surprised that a Vet would approve of a wet mix for a dog. My Vet said it promotes tooth problems in animals and to only feed my dog dry food. She has never had a tooth problem.

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By carol 2 19 01/15/2011 Flag

I also have a little pap.chihuahua,and had the same problem. She would not eat any kind of dry dog food (and I bought around 15 different kinds trying to get her to).Everyone said " keep it down and when she gets hungry, she'll eat."wrong! I did take her to the vet to have the teeth checked and no problems. So, I've been doing for a year what you are doing. I also add chicken or beef and some cooked vegs to it, plus a daily vitamin. She scarfs everything down in record time. I also get her a complete blood test every six months to make sure she's not lacking anything. I do notice tho, that she has no trouble chewing a hard treat. Everyone says I've just spoiled her and I say so what? I love my baby and in return I get kisses and snuggles. What more can you ask for?

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By carol 2 19 01/15/2011 Flag

Also I cook meals for her. It only takes a little time and they will eat it. Put in "dog food recipes" in the search and you will get tons of them Also check what you should not feed dogs and onions are big on the list. I bet your dog will eat then and you"ll feel a lot better. It's worth a try.

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By NEWFIEGIRL 8 421 12/29/2012 Flag

Please ask another Veterinary advice I can't understand why your current Vet never removed the decayed tooth and to suggest the Dog spends the rest of it's life eating "sloppy" food is ridiculous. Good luck.

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By Shona M D. 1 04/06/2013 Flag

Hi I have a shitzu-chihuahua mix, she's adorable, very small appx 3-4 lbs soaking wet, tiny little teeth, big eyes and so very picky. She's now 1 1/2 years, when I got her she was 9 mos and 2 lbs, would not eat what the others did! I'm boiling chicken for her, removing all bones, no seasonings except a little salt. ONION can be toxic, no rice she won't touch that.

She also mows through hard treats just fine but won't touch hard dog food. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will look up recipes! I am concerned about all the talk of onions and raw poultry being given, I thought all "meats" had to be cooked, am I wrong? What can be given raw? I know about the veggies and NO grapes also, so what else can you tell me? I really appreciate any and all feedback! Tried making her go hungry, it doesn't work! Thanks again! Shona

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