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Finding Paneling That Looks Like Wallpaper

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I am looking for a type of paneling that looks like wallpaper with a western theme. Any ideas of where I may find this? Thanks.

By Betty


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By kathleen williams [23]11/24/2009

I suggest to look in ph book for a place that sells this. Lowe's may have it, good luck.


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Question: Paneling That Looks Like Wallpaper

I am looking for paneling with a light floral pattern on it for my dinningrooom/kitchen. I want it to look like wallpaper. Can you help me?

By debbie

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Crazy Amy, Here is the main link for Marlite:
On the upper left side you'll see a 'product finder' button.

Marlite "DOES NOT have floral paneling" and for designs they refer you to an assortment of major fabric companies to choose a design to glue onto the paneling.

Here's one example of finishes that Marlite does offer:

Again, sorry there is no paneling available in a floral design; the paneling itself will need to be covered with another source of choice :-(

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