Keeping Salt from Clumping in the Shaker

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You can easily keep the salt from clumping in the shaker. This is a guide about keeping salt from clumping in the shaker.


Solutions: Keeping Salt from Clumping in the Shaker

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Tip: Keeping Salt From Clumping

A jar of salt in a Smuckers jelly jar.When I first moved to Houston in the early 80s, I learned about Houston's legendary humidity. I also learned that what it said on the Morton's salt box about "When it rains it pours" wasn't true. Raining or not, salt doesn't pour easily in Houston.

I took an empty Smucker's grape jelly jar and poured it full of salt, then cut off the portion of the label which read "iodized salt" and scotch taped it in place. The purple gingham checked lid makes it look nice and my salt never gets clumpy and hard. All this happened in 1982 and my salt jar is still sitting on my counter. At the time I did this, Smucker's only put the company name on the jar label and the lid was solid gingham checks making it more attractive to reuse their jars.

By Marty from Houston, TX

Tip: Add Toothpicks to Salt Shaker

To keep salt from caking in your salt shaker, put a few toothpicks in. You will never have to tap your salt shaker again before using.

    By Diana Sue M. [5]

    Tip: Rice to Prevent Lumps in Salt Shaker

    I add a few pieces of UNCOOKED rice to my salt shaker. You will never get clumps again!

      Source: my mom

      By Diana L. Berger A. [5]

      Tip: Add Rice To Avoid Clumping in Shakers

      When your salt shaker doesn't want to work for you, you can solve the problem by adding dry rice in with the salt. This way your salt won't ball up in little balls. I always put rice in the shaker every time I refill it up.

      By mamacrafter from TN

      Tip: Keeping Salt from Clumping in the Shaker

      To prevent salt from clogging with moisture, I put 1/4 teaspoon of dried parsley leaves into the salt shaker. I then add the salt. It works every time.

      Don't throw away a hard box of salt. Beat it with a hammer. It can be used in the winter for melting ice. Add it to a bag of salt for melting ice.

      Source: I got it from experimenting.

      By Ellen Lou S. from Knoxville, TN

      Tip: Rice In Salt Shakers

      Keeping Salt Running Free... To keep salt from drawing moisture and hardening into chunks put a few grains of rice in the bottoms of the salt shaker. Works great!

      By Robin

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