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Where Can I Buy Soda Ash?

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Can I get soda ash at Kroger or Walmart? Is it the same as PH Up or sodium carbonate? Do I have to go to pool supply store?

By jenaboo


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By Estella Graham09/22/2009

I use soda ash to make laundry soap. I couldn't find it any where in my area. I found it on line at soaps Gone Buy,Ltd 1085 College Road Eldorado, Il 62930 1-888-858-soap. It runs $4.95 a box an it is made by arm & hammer. I love the stuff. Its used in a lot of home made products I make and use. Hope this helps

By LizO09/20/2009

It's also known as washing soda and yes, it is available at Kroger (surely at Wal*Mart too) in the laundry products isle. Arm & Hammer is most common but there may be other brands too but I've never seen them.

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