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Cleaning Thermal Blackout Curtains


I have thermal blackout curtains that have mold on them and I am too scared to clean them with anything. What can I use, as washing machine is out and so are dry cleaners.

By geebird1 from New Zealand


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By MARY PLIESEIS-KING 12 07/13/2009 Flag

Why is dry cleaning out? (That appears to be the most common cleaning method for blackout curtains.)
What are they made of?
Do they have any tags still attached that give you a hint on cleaning?
Where did you get them & how long ago?
If possible, take them down, take them outside, brush off the mold (fabric will be discolored), and spread them in the sunshine to dry up/kill the spores.

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By Judi 18 938 07/13/2009 Flag

Why can't you wash them in the machine? I used to wash mine when I had them and they turned out fine.

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By Amy Crowley 3 57 07/13/2009 Flag

An old collection of recipes I have says that to remove mildew from black fabric, hang it on a fence, turning it every hour or two on a sunny, dry day. You might use Febreeze or Lysol Spray after

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By Marna Goodyear 5 38 07/14/2009 Flag

If you've got mold, cleaning the curtains is the least of your problems. You need to find out why and how the mold got there in the first place and remedy that problem. Mold spores can cause all kinds of illnesses and reactions and spread into your walls. It may be a simple as running a dehumidifier but don't let it become a big problem with a high pricetag.

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By Nicola Prichard 2 1 07/14/2009 Flag

The reason the mold is there is that I have aluminum and my house is air tight when we are asleep at night leaving lots of dripping condensation on the windows in the morning. The area on the curtains that is mouldy is at the bottom where it touches the window. These were purchased from Guthrie Bowron and were very expensive, I do use a dehumidifier! The dry cleaners do not guarantee that they can get mould off or if they damage the curtains, which I cannot afford.
Washing in machine is not an option as I a have done this before with other thermals and they stick and peel off.
Any remedies would be helpful please! I do know the health risks of mould that is why I want to remove it.

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