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Removing Dog Hair from Curtains


I need help in getting white dog hair off of my full-length navy blue curtains. My dog perches himself on the low front window ledge to watch the world go by, and therefore the curtains are COVERED with his hair. I've tried vacuuming, using a lint roller, and my son even put them into the dryer, and nothing happened except the curtains got an inch shorter. They are mostly cotton, didn't pay that much for them, but they serve a need to cover my large front windows. I purchased them at Wal-Mart.

Kim from Crawford, CO



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By Sheila Hendricks 2 66 12/21/2007 Flag

My daughter used to collect cats like other people collect stamps or coins and pet hair was always a problem in our house. I found a rubber glove-the kind you use for your dishes-works the best. It takes the hair off everything. Failing that, Eureka makes a pet hair brush which you just attach to your vac hose and it does a great job, too. But,in the meantime, I think I would find another perch for Pooch.Good luck.

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By falldowngobump 1 50 12/21/2007 Flag

If this is a common place for your pet to hang out I would just change color curtains. It will be a never ending problem trying to remove dog hair from the curtains.

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By Me (Guest Post) 12/21/2007 Flag

Let the dog stay where he is happy. He's more important than stupid inanimate objects. That's why I have all vinyl vertical blinds. Dog friendly, which is what my whole house is. It's their home too & they are way more important than "things".

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By loretta breedveld 3 12/21/2007 Flag

Hi, Use a damp rag and wipe over the hair. It should come off easily. LorettaB

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 12/21/2007 Flag

My local WalMart has a pet-specific lint roller in the pet department, has a green handle, and the papers on it are far stickier. They don't cost any more, but they actually work, and my dog's hair is like toothpicks, very stubborn to get out.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 12/25/2007 Flag

I'd focus on getting your dog to shed less by enhancing it's diet to less cereal, more uncanned meats and raw eggs, tuna, hamburger, garlic powder and a bigger water bow, cleaned/changed more often. This draws attention to the water and dogs love the attention. Using white dish soap liquid attracts pets when used in cleaning their things. Don't know why, except it has no citrus, pine, or chemical smell and is more gentle.
Feed the dog only one helping of cereal per day, not a bowl
full, and increase the non pet-food meats and raw eggs until you see almost no shedding of hair. You'll be amazed.
It's natural that animals will shed 2-3 times a year, so brush them a lot at those times. But the rest of the shedding is likely correctable by diet. God bless you and your pet.
: )

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By Lynn (Guest Post) 12/29/2007 Flag

Put on your rubber gloves, wet slightly, run hands over curtains! Works like magic!(Works on furniture as well. Make sure gloves are slightly damp. Over wet will stain curtains & furniture.)

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By Holly 367 1,263 01/02/2008 Flag

Am wondering if you spritz an anti-static spray on the curtains, if it will de-magnetize them for dog hair.

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