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Getting Seeds From Pine Cones

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Pine Cones

Grow your own pine tree from seed and make the world a greener place. This guide is about how to harvest pine seeds (also known as pine nuts) from the pine cone for planting.



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Question: Getting Seeds From a Pine Cone

What does a pine cone seed look like?

By Prissy from Star City, AR


Most Recent Answer

By Michelle Perry [9]06/17/2010

They are kind of hidden inside the cone.

RE: Getting Seeds From a Pine Cone

Question: Getting Seeds from a Pine Cone

My mom and I were searching for pine cone seeds. She had just read that you shake it, but there were none there. How do we get some pine tree seeds?

By Abby


Most Recent Answer

By Peggy [6]10/28/2011

It depends on the species of pine tree. Some have very small seeds, and if you are looking for the edible variety of pine nuts, I was told they only produce them every 7 years and from my experience in living among the trees, that is true. Better luck next year...

Solutions: Getting Seeds From Pine Cones

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