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Removing Nail Polish from Painted Furniture

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I recently purchased a new armoire for my bedroom, one of my girls put quite a bit of purple nail polish on it. It's real wood and has a beautiful finish. How can I remove the polish without damaging the finish? This armoire cost me 3,000 bucks, I'm horrified that I'm stuck with purple polish on a white finish. Please help!

By Shanelle from Little Rock, AR


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By Hallie [5]01/19/2011

If you take a jar of any nail polish, (the actual polish) and paint that really thick over and around the spot, once you have painted it on let it sit till you count to 10, then take a cloth and wipe it off! The nail polish will moisten the old polish, and then it will wipe right off, and won't eat the finish like nail polish remover will! You might have to paint it on 2 or 3 times to get all of it off, but it works really good. :)


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Archive: Removing Nail Polish from Painted Furniture

How do you remove fingernail polish from a desk without ruining the paint?

By Lauren from Sedalia, MO

RE: Removing Nail Polish from Painted Furniture

Do not use fingernail polish remover! Wait till the polish dries and lightly scrape it off with a razor blade (I use the ones that are for utility knives) scrape a little at a time as to not scratch the desk finish. (06/26/2010)

By pakjc

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