My Dog Has Bad Breath

By missy 1

What can I give my dog for bad breath?

By missy from Navasota, TX

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By Beth 25 1,120 Flag

January 28, 2011

Dogs that chew on real marrow bones rarely have bad breath because their teeth are so clean. Marrow bones are easier and usually less expensive to find in stores that specialize in meats than you will find int he supermarket.

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By Connie Eiceman 5 27 Flag

January 28, 2011

He should be seen by a vet because he may have infected gums. In the meantime, start brushing his teeth every day. If he doesn't like it at first, put a small amount of doggie toothpaste on the brush and have him lick it and then try to get just a few teeth in front. Each day start with letting him lick it and then try to brush further back on each side, top and bottom, including the gums. Hopefully you can clean the plaque off of his teeth and get his gums healthy. That may clear up the bad breath and make him healthier all at the same time. Good Luck!

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By Steven 2 Flag

April 18, 2011

I found an interesting thing online that cured my dogs bad breath. I have a German Shepherd, and well he eats healthy. Plaque attack was recommended by my vet due to its ingredients.

I only give it to him about once a week now. and my wife really likes the fact that he has better breath. Id give that a shot.

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Archive: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I have a lab/shrp mix 8 yr old female dog, and lately her breath stinks bad. Is there something to help that?

Sasha from Allentown, PA


RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I had a tip for humans with bad breath which was to eat yogurt daily and it reduces the bacteria, so I would assume it might work for our pets as well. (05/16/2005)

By witchdancer4

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I don't know about yogurt for a dog. I would ask a vet first. My puppy has bad breath too. I got the pup toothpaste and found it easy, well sort of easy, she loves to chew everything, so I load the toothbrush and let her chew away. Then I finish to get the back teeth. I figure it's better than nothing. But she still has bad breath. I was wondering if maybe it is her stomach or something. She's due for her next well visit soon so I will see what the vet says. But since all the little chew things she has stink I would assume that's why her breath does too. (02/13/2006)

By valery

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

My dog's breath is just horrible. I use baking soda on him since we don't have regular dog toothpaste. Is that okay? (05/21/2007)

By Sally

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

A little baking soda and water mixed together as a paste helps to clean your dogs teeth. But don't use very much baking soda, because salt is not good for your fury friends. (07/12/2007)

By mandygirl21

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

Try a product called LaSenti CF. It's an all natural tablet that you give to your pet. Not only does it totally eliminate breath odor, but coat odor too, and it eliminates the bacteria which causes plaque. Go to It has clinical studies to prove how it works. (08/13/2007)

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I just got done brushing my dogs teeth with baking soda, and I can say she didn't like it at all but it helped her out.

You'll need the baking soda,
It's own toothbrush.
A washcloth.
Bowl of water and a treat.

First of all, have her in the right position, probably your arm around her and say, "stay" and keep saying, "good girl" and "stay".
Then dip your toothbrush in water then baking soda.
Then get scrubbing (fast too), because they won't like it, after done scrubbing let them get a drink.

Take the washcloth and wipe her mouth off. Give her a treat and be sure to say, "good dog". =]

P.S. I put some light music on to calm her a little. (11/17/2007)

By gg head.

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

The information you gave really worked. My dog hated it, but it really helped him a lot. (12/02/2007)

By kiera

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I have been using LaSenti on my Fluffy for the last 4 months and cannot believe the results. No bad breath and his gums are looking great with no build up of plaque. This product is wonderful. (01/13/2008)

By Pamela

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I have a 6 yr old boxer. His breath used to smell like a dirty fish tank. I took him in for a professional cleaning, and that helped tremendously! Now, I keep his teeth clean at home. I mixed a strong chicken base (1 tsp. base to 1/2 cup water) and baking soda to make a nice doggie toothpaste. It works really well, and he doesn't seem to mind the taste (unlike regular baking soda). Now it's a daily routine, and his vet says his teeth look great! (04/29/2008)

By Nikki

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I gave my dog a tablespoon of plain yogurt a day and his breath has greatly improved. (06/07/2008)

By jacqui4321

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

Careful of the LaSenti, they claim natural and organic, yet they use chlorophyll in it, which is a semi-synthetic substance. Try Proden PlaqueOff Animal. Truly is 100% natural and works wonders. (09/17/2008)

Archive: My Dog Has Bad Breath

My dog is a 14 year old terrier mix. He already has lost most of his sight and hearing. While I love him dearly, I have a very limited income and cannot afford high vet care. Do you have any low cost suggestions for dealing with his bad breath? Our vet has suggested teeth cleaning/pulling, but that costs $300, that I don't have. Thanks for your input.



RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

Yogurt is excellent, but make it the low fat, low sugar variety. Some yogurts are now worse than candy with all the sugar and fruit syrups they add.

You can also brush the dog's teeth yourself. There are toothpastes made for dogs, along with brushes that are sold in any larger pet section. The PlaqueOff Animal is good stuff, but there are a few good ones out there.

You should also watch what the dog eats. Especially with smaller dogs people tend to feed them what they think are cute treats and special small dog soft food. Dogs all need a similar diet with lots of crunchy foods and some veggies to help keep their teeth naturally clean.

Make sure they're getting plenty of water and as much exercise as they can comfortably do, too. Just because an animal loses its sight, etc. doesn't mean it no longer needs exercise. As long as animals live, they need daily exercise to be healthy.

In addition to the yogurt in the diet, try adding a little bit of raw carrot chunks to the meals along with dry dog food. If the dog won't eat, because they want the canned stuff that's bad for them; mix a small amount of the canned with water/yogurt and mix the dry in with that. A tiny amount of garlic or chicken heated with the food should work if all else fails.

Be careful to note if the dog doesn't want to eat the food or if they can no longer eat the crunchier food. Then you have to stay with softer foods.

Even if your budget is tight; you must save some for the proper care of your pets. I don't even believe in all the annual and biannual exams some vets want to give perfectly healthy animals, but every pet needs vet care from time to time. Even if you scrimped to save $5 a month; you'd have enough for a vet visit a year in some places.

Given that your dog is older; you really need to make this provision now since you haven't done so already. Even though you think you're pet is "just old" there can sometimes be meds they need or something simple that can really improve their quality of life for several more years.

Savings Tip: Don't buy the meds the vets sells you in their office. Have them write a script and make a good effort searching the internet for the meds you need. Sometimes you may not even need the script and can get the meds for pennies a day. It takes effort, but it's very do-able.

Also tell the vet you're on a very limited budget before they do anything. They may give a little discount or let you pay the bill off in time if you need to. (10/16/2008)

By Shelter Worker

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

My six year old golden baby has bad enough breath to knock a horse down. What we do is once a month we take a toothbrush (hers) and brush her teeth. I use baking soda with a little water and make a paste in a bowl. I scoop up the mixture with the toothbrush and brush her teeth. They problem is tartar. Like in humans it builds up. Instead of spending the money at the vets I do the cleaning myself. I also purchased a bone that's supposed to help keep her breathe"sweet", but the best way is good dental hygiene. (10/16/2008)

By DebraDJ.

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

Try wetting a facecloth and use your finger to gently massage the teeth and gums. You can use chicken broth or tuna juice or something like that to make it more appealing, especially when your dog is new to this. Always treat after.

An old toothbrush with the tasty liquid will work, too. Let him chew on it while you hold it and praise him when he chews. Some dogs will resist letting you do the brushing, but will gladly do the brushing themselves. Don't let his sharp teeth cut through the bristles if you can help it.

A note about the low fat/low sugar yogurt: many of these products contain aspartame which is very unhealthy for all animals. And even if you don't believe that, Monsanto (the makers of Aspartame) is a company responsible for many deaths and environmental catastrophes. (Agent Orange, PCBs, Thalydamide, Round up, the decrease in the bee populations because of GM plants, just to name a few.) The company claims it's safe, but there is strong evidence to the contrary, and besides, the company also claimed/claims their other products are safe yet they have been proven to be liars in the past (as in PCBs).

Anyway, that was a bit off topic, but I wanted to warn you about the aspartame. And dogs can handle fat a lot better than humans can.


By guest

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

Hope this helps: Peanut, a mini Poodle, had the worst breath in the world, and our vet suggested charcoal dog biscuits. We used to grab a handful every time we were in the Petsmart, they're available in bulk in some pet stores and were more economical this way. Our little dog loved them. It's much cheaper than dental work. Good luck,

Nallorey from SK (10/18/2008)

By Nallorey

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

The bad breath is caused by deep infection, and cleaning the teeth above the gum will not slow the infection one bit. Terrier breeds are notorious for being susceptible to periodontal disease and it gets into the dog's body causing system wide organ failure eventually. The tartar is made of calcium, which is not toxic, the cause of the infection is invasive bacteria and unsuccessful host response. (10/18/2008)

By kimhis

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath - What Do I Do?

I buy doggie breath mints. My doggie loves them. (10/18/2008)

By meoowmom

Archive: My Dog Has Bad Breath

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I have a Yorkie that is nine years old. Just recently she has developed bad breath. I have started brushing her teeth. It helps somewhat, but it has to been done everyday. I just wanted to know if that is normal?

By AngelicTouch from IL


RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath

Yes, it's normal to brush an older dog's teeth daily. Also, there's an expensive mouth wash you can use for your dog called Nolvadent that is pepperminty fragrance and does help control doggie breath. It's about $20 - $25 for an eight ounce bottle. A little goes a long way and I also bought a battery powered round head bristled toothbrush for my small dog to reach in the back teeth. It's a Colgate Power brush and paid about $5 for it at WalMart.

A dog's teeth should be cleaned by a vet once a year. My dog is now two years old and I noticed her breath had an odor. I checked her back teeth and they had a light coating of tartar build up where a regular brush didn't get well. That causes mouth odor. Check your pet's back teeth. At the age she is if she hasn't had her teeth cleaned she may well be having more than tartar build up problems that only a vet can remove. Brushing won't get it off and that's why it's important to brush your pet's teeth.
I did a lot of research about dog's teeth and keeping them clean and have shared with you what I just learned.

It's also important to give the dog treats that are for dental care. WalMart sells a product called Natural Healthy Biscuits for Dogs. They are shaped like leaves and help keep the dog's teeth clean, strong and gums healthy. Natural rawhide chews are also good for helping to keep teeth, tartar free; buy 2 so when one gets a bit soft, you can change it to the other dry one. Supervise your pet closely so it doesn't digest big pieces chewed off and create a choking hazard.

Also, raw uncooked bones you can get at a slaughter house preferably beef and freeze for three weeks before giving to the dog so bacteria is killed first. These bags of bones cost around $2.00 and you may be able to get bones the right size for your pet. (02/12/2010)

By Lorelei

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath

I think Yorkies are noted for having trouble with their teeth. This is what my vet told me. I have a 12 year old Yorkie-Poo, and I had her teeth cleaned 2 years ago. When I took her this year she had a bad infection, so I had to get that cleared up and then had to get a lot of her teeth pulled out. She may be small, but it took 2 of the vets to get her mouth open and that is why I can't clean them. (02/13/2010)

By pennypal

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath

First, I must say that your dog is adorable. Second, I have first-hand experience with a senior dog who had dental issues. I had an 8 1/2 year old rescued Sheltie (former puppy mill momma) who came to me with horrible breath. Things like biscuits and brushing masked the problem temporarily, but didn't cure it. So, I took her in for a very thorough cleaning at the vet. The total was about $200 and she was put out completely for the procedure. However, in her case, the underlying gum disease had entered the bloodstream, and she was humanely euthanized shortly after due to a neurological problem. Before her, I never fully understood the importance of routine dental cleanings at a vet's office. My best advice would be a check up at the vet. Tell them your concerns, and they can recommend the best solution for your dog. :) (02/13/2010)

By LuvMyFurKids

RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath

Rotted or abscessed teeth could be the cause. Also, bad breath can denote an underlying health problem (kidneys, liver, etc). I suggest you take her/him in to your vet and have her checked. If money is a big factor, I suggest you make several phone calls to different vets or even shelters for a referral. As an underlying problem, even abscessed teeth, can cause further illness and sometimes death. (02/16/2010)


RE: My Dog Has Bad Breath

My Jack Russell/Beagle mix has had terrible breath. He has clean teeth and is taken very good care of, but it was still terrible. I bought breath refreshers and oral care chews. The other day I was in Walmart and saw Pedigree had an Oral Care treat. I bought them and they work fantasticly, you can give your dog up to 5 a day and I could not be happier! Good luck! (08/09/2010)

By MissH1020

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