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Simple Bleach Recipes - Instead of Buying Bleach Cleaners

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After buying bleach cleaners at the dollar store and still feeling I was spending too much I went to the Clorox web site and found this. It is much cheaper too : )

Basic Bleach Solution

3/4 cup Ultra Clorox Regular Bleach
1 gallon water

Wash, wipe, or rinse items/area with water, then apply solution.
Let stand 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

I put it in an old bleach cleaner bottle. If you don't have an old bleach cleaner bottle just make sure it's marked boldly saying "Bleach cleaner". Saves tons money. I love the "bleach cleaned smell."

By Tracey


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By Justin (Guest Post)05/03/2008

Thanks ... I also feel we pay WAY too much for prepared cleaners. This helped a lot !!


By Therese01/27/2008

'Bleach' or chlorine is an amazing powerful and yet totally harmless disinfectant and cleaner if used properly.
Chlorine is oxygen deactivated within about 24-48 hours.
In other words if exposed to oxygen (air) it becomes inert or harmless within a day or two.

SO the advice for short term storage or usage in the previous posts.makes sense.

I have for decades soaked stained rags/towels in a bucket of 1 cup bleach to 3 gals of water. after 2-3 days I can dump the 'bleach water' down the drain and wash the rags/towels in the machine without hurting the septic system.

By kidsNclutter06/21/2005

If the bleach loses it's potency in warm/hot water, how can it work in the laundry on a warm wash setting? Uh-oh. Gotta check this out. Someone know? Please advise.

By (Guest Post)06/11/2005

I wrote to the Clorox Co. for that same reason a while back (mkymlp) and the guy that answered me said that the mixed solution should only be kept for 24 hours as it will loose it's disinfecting qualities. He also said that not to buy large quantities of bleach unless you can use them within 6 months for that same reason. I always thought bleach was good forever, but apparently not! Must be the cleaners you buy have some kind of preservatives in them, or else they too loose the disinfecting qualites and we aren't told of it...they just want us to buy them!

By it' [165]06/10/2005

According to what I read homemade bleach solutions used for disinfecting should be used within one week because bleach dissipates and loses its potency. Does anyone know if this is true?

By Kim (Guest Post)06/09/2005

This is a great suggestion. Just be sure to use cool water because, according to the health inspectior in my county, warm or hot water neutralizes the bleach.

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