Brown Paper Bag Flooring


We are getting ready to paint our interior concrete floor in our family room. We want to use the kraft paper and just want some help as to the easiest way to start this project? We would like it to look like quarried stone, like marble, with 2 different color blocks, large block. This is our first time trying this and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

By Jon from Indianapolis, IN


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By Marsha 1 267 10/16/2010

This brown kraft paper treatment sounds like a really great and versatile idea. I would love to do some walls this way .
Thank you for the wonderful idea and all the feedbacks helped so much as well, so thank you all.


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Archive: Brown Paper Bag Flooring

I am new, so this is my first post, forgive me if I do something wrong. My question is about brown-bagging the floors. Has anyone used the really heavy duty bags like 50 lb. animal feed comes in?


Archive: Brown Paper Bag Flooring

I'm very interested in learning more about "paper bag" flooring. I had planned on putting in a vinyl wood type floor in the living room, but because of my limited finances, I think I would like to try this paper bag flooring instead. Has anyone done this in a larger room?

By Carrie from Moses Lake, WA

RE: Brown Paper Bag Flooring

I haven't seen this done, but my one concern would be that it would rip with enough traffic coming through. (03/19/2010)

By Allison5

RE: Brown Paper Bag Flooring

Key paper bag flooring in your search engine and it will come up with all sorts of links to check out about this method. Good luck, (03/21/2010)

By Indianone

Archive: Brown Paper Bag Flooring

On the paper bag floors, someone told me I could add some sand to keep it from being so slick. Does anyone know about that? We are looking for an inexpensive flooring for an ice-cream shop, but I do not want it to be slick.

By geleanwicks

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