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Homemade Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner

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I bought my house 5 years ago and the previous owner had dark stains of some sort throughout the whole house on the beige carpet. I've shampooed many times, but the stains always seem to come back.

I use a Rug Doctor and the coordinating cleaning solution, but is there some other homemade thing someone has used that works better? I'd love to not have those stains again.

By Beth from Martinsburg, WV


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By Louise [6]02/05/2010

I don't have a recipe, but I've used "Folex". You can buy it at Lowes, Home Depot or grocery store. It comes in a tall white spray bottle. It takes out stains instantly and I've never had one bleed back through. Good luck!

By DEBY [18]02/05/2010

What color is your carpet first?

By Joan [13]02/01/2010

Have you tried having it professionally cleaned?


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Question: Homemade Carpet Cleaner

I would appreciate it if someone can suggest homemade products for carpet cleaning, especially for ones with wool, as well.

Thank you.

By Klal from Coventry, UK


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Archive: Homemade Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner

Does anyone have a recipe to get any type of stain out of carpet?

Crystal from Wrarragul, Vic

RE: Homemade Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner

I make my own mixture. I use a spray bottle (I use an old carpet spot remover bottle), 1 scoop Oxi-Clean, 1/3 cup carpet cleaner (for shampooer), and top off with water. It takes all sorts of stains out of my carpet and my carpet is light colored. I use it on pet stains (we are housebreaking a puppy), mud spots, kids spills, etc with a lot of success.

Hope this helps! (08/06/2008)

By mrsbutler2000

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