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Cleaning Mildew on a Mattress

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I have mildew on a mattress, how do I clean it?

Brenda from Toronto, ON



Recent Answers

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By ROBB05/06/2010

I just cleaned the foam seats and mattresses from my boat, they were disgusting with mildew! After trying different items, I tried a bleach and hot water mix and it was great! I also used a floor scrubbing machine (the one with the 2 brushes on the bottom) anyway, it was fantastic and i have the rest of the day to myself!


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Question: Removing Mildew Smell in a Mattress

How can I remove a mildew smell from my child's mattress?

By Kate

Most Recent Answer

By Lewissan [32]09/05/2012

Try putting white vinegar into a spray bottle and mist the mattress with white vinegar. Don't overdo it. Wipe up any excess vinegar with a towel, let it dry. Once dry, the vinegar smell should subside and hopefully the mildew smell is gone to.

If that doesn't work, you may want to try doing the same thing with diluted bleach water. Dilute 2 1/2 Tablespoons of bleach per 1 gallon of water. Open windows for ventilation. Mist the mattress, wipe up excess, and let try completely.


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Archive: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

Does anyone have any ideas how to clean the musty mildew smell out of a much urinated on mattress? The bed is a king size double pillow top.


RE: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

If hasn't been properly cleaned after an accident, and its been like that a long time, it is unlikely you will be able to get it odor free at this stage of the game. (10/06/2005)


RE: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

My son is a bedwetter. It is very hard to get the odor out, but we use deodorant powder and our Rainbow Vacuum cleaner and just vaccum the fire out of it. Using Febreze helps too. Also could mix Lyson and water 50/50 spray down and sit the mattress out in the sun. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are also helpful with some odors, 50/50 solutions may help. We have now purchased a cover for his mattress that is a soft plastic so the mattress will not be damaged anymore. Hope this helps. (10/07/2005)

By mamascott

RE: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

I've read, but fortunately haven't had to try, that putting a paste made of water and borax on the surface where you believe the urine scent is coming from, letting it dry and then vacuuming it off. i use it in my laundry and in the bottom of my kitchen waste basket underneathe the plastic bag as a deodorizer and it works great, way better than baking soda and about the same price. (10/07/2005)

By debbie

RE: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

I don't know how to remove this but I would try pouring vinegar over it and really let it soak in - sounds like you have nothing to lose. My friend had a cat totally soak her pillow top and the manufacturer said that she could cut it off and it would be fine. Don't know if you have the same type that the top could be removed but this may be an option. (10/07/2005)

By Ann

RE: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

Try the stuff used for pets. Two brands: Nature's Miracle at pet stores, and online.

You may have to do it more than one time. The problem is dust mites usually have takeen over by now. So consider a waterproof barrier on the matress or the barrier and a new mattress or memory foam.

For mildew, try chlorine bleach. (10/07/2005)

By the Oracle

RE: Urine and Mildew on Mattress

Those plastic/vinyl mattress protectors are wonderful! They can be purchased at stores like K-Mart & Wal-Mart for around $5 for twin size. They have saved me much aggravation & additional expense. If you don't like the vinyl with sheets directly on top of it, then cover the protector with a mattress pad followed by sheets. You can launder the mattress pad with the bedding. Mattress pads are even made with a waterproof inner liner, although I have found these to not be washable, even though the manufacturer claims them to be. (10/11/2005)

By kidsNclutter

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