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Plants That Repel Snakes

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Is there any plants I can plant that repels snakes?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By Bennett from Vincennes, IN


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By Pam06/10/2009

The perfect way to keep snakes out of your yard is to plant mint around the border. Snakes hate it and you have a wonderful plant for cooking and teas. You could also lay hemp rope around the border of the yard, snakes won't cross it. The only thing left after that is to get rid of the snakes that are now trapped in the yard. LOL

By Arlene04/06/2009

The only thing I have ever seen that gets rid of snakes is outside cats. Of course mine have a habit of bringing them to me to show off. I have garter snakes that hang around my pond and they are beneficial so I just watch where I step!

By Peggy [62]03/30/2009

I don't know about plants, though my dad swears by his hint. He sprays kerosene around the peremiter, hasn't seen a snake in years.

By Sis [11]03/29/2009

I've always been told to burn the snake where you kill it and it will keep other snakes from coming around that area. Just thought i'd share that.

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