Plunging Clogged Toilet Backs Up Into Tub and Sink


I have a clogged toilet. When I plunge it the stuff starts coming up in the tub and sink in the bathroom. Any suggestions?

By Eric from Ashland, KY


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By mcw 80 1,754 06/25/2010

Do you have city sewers or do you have a septic tank?
If you have a septic tank than the possible reason why it is backing up in your sink and bathtub is that the septic tank needs to be cleaned out.
Does it look like black sludge that's backing up in both your sink and bathtub?
Also check this following website and use the search box.
I'm a former homeowner and have had the same problems.

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By Chuck 22 182 06/28/2010

This happened to me once. The house had city sewer service and tree roots had plugged the main line to the sewer pipe under the street. Roto Rooter was needed to clear the roots.
When it backs up into the tub or shower that means the wastewater can't get to the sewer.

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 06/30/2010

My DH is a retired plumber. Looks like you're going to need a mid- or large-sized eel or snake, and someone who knows how to use it. There's obviously something keeping the water from reaching the correct outlet, and that's going to take someone on-site with some plumbing know-how.

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By kayjay 5 01/08/2012

If that is happening, then your pipes are not right. The toilet has its own separate line leading to the sewer sysytem. You'll need to get a professional to check out the pipes in your home.

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