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My Laundry Always Stinks!


I am in Korea and moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago. I have cleaned my laundry machine with vinegar and baking soda on two seperate occasions. I have used nearly a whole pack of baking soda and a whole bottle of vinegar and to no-avail! The laundry still comes out smelly!

My machine is a toploader, using cold water feed only. I am not overloading it, as I have even tried 1 or 2 things in at the time too. Also I seperate all my items. The worst offenders for stinkyness are synthetic items! Usually my soccer t-shirts. I don't play soccer, so I am not getting all sweaty!

I use Tide Coldwater wash liquid.

Any advice?

Shimshim from Korea



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By (Guest Post) 04/09/2007

A friend of mine owns a used appliance store and he advised they use a package of Tang Orange Drink Crystals...and it worked for me...good luck

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By (Guest Post) 04/09/2007

P.S. I should have added that you run the Tang through the washer by itself.

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By Sarah (Guest Post) 04/09/2007

It may just be the water over there. I have a similiar problem in some places when we vacation. If it's not the water it could be the pipes in your house the water is going thru. Good luck!

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By Pattie McIntyre 39 58 04/09/2007

I'd get my water tested. It sounds like you have something not right with it. I would tell whomever analyzes the water why you are doing it so they can adjust the tests to find the source of the smell.

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By Mythi (Guest Post) 04/10/2007

You might try Oxy Clean. I also saw at the store in the laundry aisle something called Odor Out (I can't remember the exact name) so you might look for that.

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By Kat Schneider 1 15 04/10/2007

Any chance your apartment is on a septic tank system?

We moved to a house on septic and the first time I ran the washer, the entire house smelled like rotten eggs. Turned out we needed to have the septic tank flushed.

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By Emily (Guest Post) 08/24/2007

I too had this problem with a washing machine that I got for free. I tried everything just like you. Then I called an appliance shop and asked if they could check it out. They said that the people who gave it to me had stored it and that there had been rats living in the casing at one time. So the he said take off the outside cover of the machine and clean out all the rat poop with 409 cleaner. I did this, with mask and gloves, and the clothes have never smelled again. You might try cleaning inside the casing of the washer. hope this helps. :)

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